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Healthy Eating

Coconut: useful properties

Coconut (useful properties multifaceted) - amazing taste tropical fruit. Today, virtually no one should be surprised by the presence of exotic fruits on the shelves, including coconut. This is despite the fact that they grow in countries where tropical climate - in India, the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia,in South Florida and California. Coconut palms grow in the period when dinosaurs lived on earth, but today it is considered one of the most useful trees in the planetary scale.

Thai melon: useful properties

Thai melon (unique beneficial properties) - one of the most delicious and interesting summer fruits. Juicy and sweet Thai melon is able to cheer up even on a cloudy day and almost anyone. Also, this is a wonderful dietary product. What other dessert can be compared with fragrant yellow melon, especially if you take into consideration the factthat it is simply a huge source of vitamins and useful for the trace elements. So today and talk and Thai melon and its beneficial properties. Thai melon contains: folic acid, carotene, sugar, organic acids, iron salts and sodium, and vitamins A, B2, B1, C and E, as well as cellulose, pectins and proteins.

Useful as poultry

Useful as poultry known to many. The main reason is the lack of unbalanced nutrition protein. To solve this problem is not too difficult - you just need to eat more poultry. In this article we describe the useful qualities of poultry meat. It turns out that the bird is not only cheaper than beef and pork, but much more useful them.Dishes cooked with chicken meat, breaking soft delicate flavor. Some treats from poultry even be called delicacy. For example, goose liver pate with "foie gras" and "Peking Duck". Luxurious and elegant restaurants in the world will certainly include meat menu of different birds. But first still takes ordinary chicken.

As poor nutrition affects the psyche

How bad food nutrition affects the mind, you know all infinitely thinner lady. Over the past few decades, many scientists have concluded that our food is so transformed that it can be argued that the causes of mental disorders. Is it - whether and how malnutrition affects the psyche?Human nature is set up so that some vital substances our bodies can synthesize, but no entry from outside, ie from food and drink trace elements, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates your body will not be able to fully develop and exist. Therefore it is very important for human good nutrition to keep your body.Lack of a substance leads to disease and even, as it turns out now, to mental disorders.

Dining patient

In Catering patients who are in hospital, participating and medical personnel, and of course the staff kitchen. Qualified, performing examination and treatment, prescribes a diet. Total daily guide to nutrition patients is dietician,and who is responsible for the proper preparation and application of prescribed diets, in addition, provides assistance and advice to doctors offices arrange food for their patients.

Useful properties of crab meat

Useful properties crabmeat known nutritionists. In our state crabs became known and gained relevance for the most part by well-known "crab sticks", but they know that the product is not related to crabs at all. Crab sticks are only imitation crab meat,carry them with processed white fish mince (surimi). A true crabs are a delicacy and valuable product with many beneficial substances, vitamins, proteins, what caused the beneficial properties of crab meat.

Green onions: useful properties

Green onions and useful properties - concepts are inseparable. Desired spring rays of the sun, and we are happy to meet dissolved greens just like our ancestors. They collected the first shoots are consumed raw, particularly at a time stuck useful habit "eat anything green." In this article we will talk about green onions,its beneficial qualities to help cope with beriberi and many colds.

Egg protein properties

Egg protein (properties it is truly priceless!) Unanimously recognized as the world's scientific community standard of biological nutrient for the human body, regardless of gender, age, environmental habitat, occupation, diet, lifestyle, preferences, certain pathologies and Av. because, po-First, the protein of an egg, preferably consumed in boiled form, egg quite dangerous infectious diseases), heals many diseases (eg, gastric ulcer, chronic pancreatitis, various catarrhal inflammation, atherosclerosis, neuroses, etc.), and Secondly, this product is ideally absorbed.

Dill, parsley, cilantro, useful properties

Dill, parsley, coriander, cilantro (useful properties undeniable) - an indispensable attribute of every year dishes. After the long winter months always want vitamins. Finally Spring and the beds are there lush greenery. In this article, "Dill, parsley, coriander,cilantro: beneficial properties "we talk about the great cultures and their benefits to the body.

Dried apples: useful properties

Dried apples (the beneficial properties of this fruit is undeniable) - a great dish. In our state apples - the most common type of fruit. And it pleases, as this fruit is kladezyu beneficial substances, vitamins and, of course, trace elements. Agree with both folk and official medicine. Dried apples exhibit useful properties and fresh fruitThey can be eaten fresh, but can recycle a variety of ways, especially good for those who have a cottage or garden plots. It can be done independently grown fruits and juice, and juice and jam, and much more. But the easiest way - is dried apples. Here in this article we'll talk about dried apples,useful properties are vital for health.