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Pregnancy and childbirth

Treatment of anemia at different stages of pregnancy

Today, it often occurs during pregnancy such conditions as anemia, most often it occurs in the second half of pregnancy, as the growing fetus actively iron from the body of a woman.

The emergence of anemia in pregnancy can be triggered by insufficient iron in the body, poor nutrition,which can not provide sufficient iron, heavy bleeding, a violation of hematopoietic function. And this disease can appear as a result neobilnyh but systematic bleeding in women patients with uterine myoma or hemorrhoids. For women in the position of anemia dangerous because it could provoke intrauterine development of the baby,and even lead to premature birth, affect the production of milk.

Frequent urination in pregnancy - is this normal?

During pregnancy a woman's body is weight changes, including frequent urination. During pregnancy it is normal, although unpleasant woman.

The causes of frequent urination during pregnancy

This phenomenon is due to an increase in the volume of circulating fluid in the body, for this reason twice increases the load on the kidneys.

Acceptance of activated charcoal in pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women often have different problems with the gastrointestinal tract. This is due to the influence of hormones and compression of the digestive system due to the growing uterus.

Many are concerned with the question: is it possible in this case to take charcoal? It is understood that the digestive organs of pregnant women suffer becausethat the body produces large amount of progesterone.

Honey in pregnancy - most importantly know when to stop!

If desired pregnancy occurred, then that's fine. But from now on you need even more carefully approach the selection of foods, we must eat precisely those foods that are good for the child, not just those that occurred to you liking.

It is well known that during pregnancy women greatly changing taste preferences.This woman wants to eat compatible foods such as pickles with honey and so on. In this article we'll talk about whether or not a woman eat honey during pregnancy and whether it is useful in this case.

Placental pregnancy

If pregnancy occurs normally, the placenta is in the uterus of women and does not fit too close to the uterine zevu (exit from the uterus, through which the child during birth). Placenta Previa is it wrong location,ie instead uterine placenta partially or completely captures the lower segment of the uterus.

Antibodies in the blood during pregnancy - not a reason for panic

Most people have Rh-positive blood, so it contains a Rh protein located on the surface of blood cells, red blood cells. The presence of the protein depends on human heredity. This protein is absent in a small part of the population, which is called Rh-negative. It should be notedthat the lack of health Rh factor does not affect how. But in the process of pregnancy maternal blood incompatibility (Rh-negative) and fetal blood (Rh positive) can lead to Rh conflict. What will be the case if the mother is Rh-positive blood, and the child in turn Rh negative.

Antibiotics in pregnancy - quite an extreme measure

Most modern women know that pregnancy is extremely undesirable taking any medications. You can only afford to welcome soothing herbal or no-silos. But sometimes there are situations where it is impossible to do without medication. It is in such a case may need to take antibiotics in pregnancysynthesized by microorganisms and kill bacteria and more.

Gentle treatment of poisoning in pregnancy

Food poisoning is a very dangerous condition, particularly during pregnancy, for the reason that it can cause premature labor or miscarriage. In most cases, food poisoning is due to poor quality or expired products.

Purpose candles with papaverine during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a difficult period, although joyful. It so happens that pregnant face different ailments that overshadow this period, and in addition to treatment can not be used medications. But there is a drug that is used to facilitate the state for decades. In this article we will talk about papaverine and its use during pregnancy.

The importance of nutrition in pregnancy

During the pregnancy it is important to control the quality of the food that the woman takes. In the course of pregnancy, special attention to nutrition as it gets not only a woman, but a growing body.