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How can the school to meet with a guy

Learning in a school, but no way to get to know - the eternal question that urgent among schoolgirls. Start greet boy for no reason, no reason at all during the school year - quite a bold move which not every girl be resolved. Yes, and no result is not guaranteed. But what about the all-did meet with a guy liked at school that it was unobtrusive and did not provide any hints?

Useful properties of milk in the diet of schoolchildren

Useful properties of milk in the diet of schoolchildren have long standing guard health of the younger generation. Cow, goat, etc. milk - a great staple, which came up with nature. It is difficult to assume that in the wild females feed their young a abomination. So people of old saws milk and feed their childrenWhen there were problems with breastfeeding.

Baby hurt in elementary school classmates, Tips psychologist

Start learning in school is a crucial moment not only for the child but for the parents. It's a step in the adult, independent life. However, it is the first difficulties that child to overcome. Today we'll talk about what to do in such a situation, your child offend classmates.A psychologist advises that in such a situation?

Bringing winner

Bringing winner mechtatet every parent. At all times, in all countries, regardless of nationality, every parent wants their child to be proud of, to enjoy his achievement, make it a strong personality. It so arranged by nature. And many people want to give his daze everything to fear for his future later, be sureit and one without parental help cope with the difficulties, it is important to educate the winner. Now do it harder.

What should I buy for a first grader to school

What should I buy for a first grader to school, what they were the parents? - This question is not idle for thousands of mothers and fathers whose children are preparing to meet with the school. List goes not very large, but it must be approached very seriously. The problem usually isto find a middle ground in a kind of "Bermuda Triangle" - the price - functionality - the desire of the child.

What sport can be practiced child?

What sport can be practiced child ?? - The question that confronts every parent when the kid turns around 3-4 years. In most cases, Mom and Dad do not want an early age grow Olympic champion, they just want to grab the child. By this age children accumulate restless energy that pushes them to mischief,prevention and jumping all day. In children is needed burst of energy, and he is constantly in random motion.

How to safely lose weight baby?

How to safely lose weight baby ?? - This issue concerns a huge number of parents whose children are obese. This problem exists not only here but around the world. Suffer from it, especially children in physical and moral terms, however, and parents have hard time looking like their child suffers.

School friends - the best teachers than parents because they ruthless

School - is inevitable for every normal child. Along with knowledge, new sensations and passions appear and new friends. Some are simple and classmates, some time in perekochovuyut state enemies, and some become friends.

Second - it is always good. On it you can rely on in difficult times, he always give advicelisten, etc. All it right when it comes to adults. Fellow children - a little different story.

Language development of the child in the home

Language development of the child in the home - a burning topic for young mothers. Every parent wants to hear most of the baby first clear word or phrase. Many start to worry when a child is long (up to 1.5-2.0) years does not speak or take some simple words.Some moms contrary fly in front of the engine and try to hire a speech therapist to improve the language of the child. We will tell you about the start of classes, the existing techniques and pitfalls of this seemingly simple process.

How to grow a talented and intelligent child

How to grow a talented and intelligent child - a topic that interests everyone caring father. Any parent dreams of being a child to grow a talented and intelligent man. But the proverb say that geniuses are not born, they are made. Any little "man" has unique abilities and tasks adults -identify and develop such capacity. There are a few tips on how to grow a talented and intelligent child.