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Coconut: useful properties

Coconut (useful properties multifaceted) - amazing taste tropical fruit. Today, virtually no one should be surprised by the presence of exotic fruits on the shelves, including coconut. This is despite the fact that they grow in countries where tropical climate - in India, the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia,in South Florida and California. Coconut palms grow in the period when dinosaurs lived on earth, but today it is considered one of the most useful trees in the planetary scale.

Because coconut may exhibit useful properties. From the wood and roots of trees produce furniture and household utensils, and exclusive, coconut fibers are used in application purposes and are filling for mattresses, coconut palm leaves many act as a reliable roof with inflorescences of coconut sugar is obtained,as a result it is used in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages. But today we'll discuss the nuts and coconut its useful properties.

Coconut palm is widespread in tropical zones of both hemispheres of the planet. It can be both wild and cultivated. Coconut palm grows well in sandy soils,because it is often true ornament of exotic beaches and coasts. In ancient times, palm Growth was carried out in a natural way - mature coconut, falling to the ground or water. Swim in the water coconut can up to three months, so the fruit managed to overcome many thousands of miles away from the place where matured.A "landed" in another place, the fruit takes root, as during his stay in the water it has already sprouted.

Coconut palm can be up to 30 meters, it flexible and slender trunk, beautiful large crown and brilliant foliage lush green, it is usually slightly tilted towards the sea. Coconut,useful properties which feels everyone loves rain and moist air. During the season of one tree can collect 60 to 120 nuts. Harvesting takes place about a month before ripening or fruit when fully ripe. Maturation takes a long time - about 10-12 months.

Coconut oval, about 15 to30 cm in length. Weight nut - 1.5 - 2.5 kg. The outer hard layer called ekzokarp reminds nut shell. The interior of the nut - endocarp, a mass of white, which reaches a thickness of 12 mm, and the endosperm - liquid coconut water, it has a transparent color. With ripening endosperm gradually turns into white emulsionand then thickens and hardens. On top of the coconut nut is a three recess. If in their place to do the holes, you can get to the coconut water, without opening of the fetus. People usually confuse coconut water with coconut milk. Coconut milk, manifesting its nice features is extracted from the pulp, it is white,and taste different from coconut water. Milk from the coconut can be easy to prepare even at home. Simply rub the flesh grated coconut and pour a lot of water. After about 20 minutes you can wring a lot through cheesecloth - that's all, coconut milk is ready for use. There is a lot of sugar and fat,because coconut milk is widespread in the manufacturing of various sweet and spicy sauce, and gives useful properties.


Coconuts has a number of useful properties, even has healing qualities. It has a lot of vitamins C and B and minerals, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, and fructose, sucrose, glucose. All items that are both in the flesh and in coconut oil have reducing properties - well improve eyesight,help in the treatment of diarrhea and effective in the fight against cholera. Coconut - a great way to treat beriberi, diseases of the urinary system, nervous disorders. Also great treat impotence and increase sperm count. Coconut oil controls blood sugar levels, improves insulin secretion,and this is the prevention of diabetes. Also coconut is widely used in the treatment of urolithiasis.

Widespread use of coconut oil found in cosmetics that knows beneficial properties owned coconut. It is used in the manufacture of creams and masks, shampoos and conditioners for hair.Of coconut oil gives the skin softness and elasticity, in addition, it has a very pleasant smell. Use coconut oil can be for all skin types, it forms an invisible layer on the skin, which in turn keeps the balance of the skin, softens and moisturizes it and protects against harmful environmental influences.So many people use coconut oil to restore faded and rough skin. Coconut oil also has soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, so perfect for inflamed or sensitive skin.

Used coconut oil as a body, and for the people. It can maintain skin elasticity and firmness,smoothing and supports its natural tone and balance. In South and Central America, coconut oil has long been known as an anti-aging agent, and protective properties of the oil allow its use also for medicinal purposes - it is perfectly heals wounds and burns. And if you need an excellent tool,which will protect you from the sun, just mix coconut oil with the usual cream or any emulsion.

If you mix cleanser with coconut oil, you get an excellent tool to make-up remover, and in the eyes - too. Oil that gives coconut has high allergenic indicatorsis used not only for adults but also for children. It softens baby's skin, while beneficial to boost the immune system.

Also coconut found its application in the field of cooking, which uses its useful properties. It is used in fresh form and in dried form (coconut).Particle usually decorated confectionery cookies, cakes, and used as an additive in yogurt, salads and even ice cream. In coconut flesh no cholesterol because it can be used to extinguish meat and fish. Wood pulp not only gives the dish spicy, but absorbs the flavors of spices and oil.To this end, use coconut cubes. They not only complement the delicate appearance of many dishes, but quite good taste. Their use as conventional nuts are also used for the infusion of vodka.

The composition of the ingredients are prepared with margarine, coconut oil included. It can be added to soups,in various sauces in a dough. It gives the dish a special flavor and density. Coconut milk is used in the preparation of cocktails and other healthy drinks. That's how many useful properties in a seemingly simple exotic fruit - coconut nut.

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