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Thai melon: useful properties

Thai melon (unique beneficial properties) - one of the most delicious and interesting summer fruits. Juicy and sweet Thai melon is able to cheer up even on a cloudy day and almost anyone. Also, this is a wonderful dietary product. What other dessert can be compared with fragrant yellow melon, especially if you take into consideration the factthat it is simply a huge source of vitamins and useful for the trace elements. So today and talk and Thai melon and its beneficial properties. Thai melon contains: folic acid, carotene, sugar, organic acids, iron salts and sodium, and vitamins A, B2, B1, C and E, as well as cellulose, pectins and proteins.

Thai Melon perfectly quenches thirst, promotes bowel, calming effect NOT nervous system, normalizes the balance of salt and water in the body, which is why it is recommended and used widely in the treatment of renal disease. Also, Thai melon removes toxins from the body and helps it clean.As therapeutic feeding melon recommended for heart disease, gout, rheumatism. These beneficial properties of this gift of nature. Especially in many melons silicon, which scientists named element life. Silicon is a part of hair and nails, its main function - to provide elasticity and strength of tissues,connect ellastinovye and collagen fibers. With a lack of silicon in the body is impossible to imagine the normal operation of the brain and nervous system.

Compared with other melons, namely Thai melon contains the maximum amount of vitamin C, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Cellulose, which is also necessary in melon,well affect the performance and intestinal motility, and normalizes intestinal flora.

It is widely used in Thai melon and its beneficial properties in cosmetics. Mask Melon lightens and removes dark spots and freckles, and cleans the skin from acne. The mask should apply to face and withstand 15 minutesand then wipe your face and apply a nourishing cream. If you prepare a broth with melon seeds and wash them, the person will look well-groomed and soft. For broth need 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds.

Melon juice is very useful for asthmatics. Also note the useful properties of melon diuretics,contributes to the removal of sand and stones from the kidney, is recommended for people with high cholesterol. However, people who suffer from diabetes, you should not abuse the fruit as it contains a lot of sugar. For injuries and burns to put a crust made from melon to the body inside. This helps to relieve swelling and faster healing.


When the disease bronchitis or tonsillitis recommended compression using melon peels. They are also useful in bleeding from the nose - should squeeze the juice and drip about 2-3 drops in each nostril. To relieve irritation and itching in eczema or allergies can make trays of melon.In the bath with water temperature of about 40 degrees with cut melon rind, wait until it nastoyitsya (only 10 minutes) and take a bath. Must be at least 5 such procedures.

It is worth noting that all these beneficial properties are observed only in ripe fruit. How to determinemelon is ripe and good? It is enough just a few simple tips. In melon should not be cracks or stains. Do not buy cut fruit, as there is no guarantee of its sterility (used than the hands of the employee). Buying damaged or incised fruit, you risk more, because there may be bacteria - parasites, for example,botulism or salmonella pathogens that kill all the beneficial properties.

When choosing fruits can prynyuhatysya it. Ripe Thai melon is nice to smell specific aroma that resembles the smell of pineapple, vanilla and even pears. If no flavor or smell of green, this fruit is not ripe. Notethat at high temperatures the aroma of melon hear much more. Therefore, in the heat of summer melon easier choice outdoors market for example.

And another little secret to choose a melon. Try a little slap melons - if dull sound, it means the fruit is ripe, and if ringtone - means melon is ripe.Also melons can feel "nose", which should be slightly soft in ripe melon that it proved useful properties.

You can also push gently peel nail. If you scratch the fruit was just as the sight opened greenish pulp, it means 100% ripe melon and still juicy and delicious.

Be sure to take into account the factwhere purchased Thai melon. In peak season melons sold everywhere, but not recommended to buy fruit in roads and roadsides in tents on the track. Melon - very delicate product, and can easily absorb metal salts, which are well represented in the exhaust gases from cars.

Better buy a melon in a store or a market where there is a special servicethat monitor the status of the goods. According to rules of trade, Thai melon should be based on a special pallet, but not on the ground. The seller must also be authorized to sell and laboratory quality control.

With a melon can cook many tasty dishes - a jam and jam, juice and marmalade, candied fruit and jam, as well as many other things,that preserve useful properties.

Lovers of sweet fruit should remember that it does not fit well with dairy products. Not recommended as a melon drink cold water. Not very fond of melon "Company" alcoholic beverages. Melon has long been a separate dish, so do not confuse it with something else. Such is it - Thai melon,full of energy and heat of summer.

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