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Useful as poultry

Useful as poultry known to many. The main reason is the lack of unbalanced nutrition protein. To solve this problem is not too difficult - you just need to eat more poultry. In this article we describe the useful qualities of poultry meat. It turns out that the bird is not only cheaper than beef and pork, but much more useful them.Dishes cooked with chicken meat, breaking soft delicate flavor. Some treats from poultry even be called delicacy. For example, goose liver pate with "foie gras" and "Peking Duck". Luxurious and elegant restaurants in the world will certainly include meat menu of different birds. But first still takes ordinary chicken.

Our ancestors knew the beneficial properties and cooked chicken and coal and clay pots, and spit. Especially popular among Russian buyers enjoyed the braised chicken cooked with cabbage and eggs, whipped with milk. Moneybags valued as chicken stuffed with beef.But Pozharsky cutlets of chicken mince loved by everyone, without exception. According to some reports, there was a chicken home from the wild chicken, which is the birthplace of ancient India. People will take the advantages of such a diet of meat and took up the breeding of different species. To date, more than 600 are known.In pre-revolutionary specially fattened hen called to as pulyarkoy meat of this bird has used catering. Today especially appreciated broiler meat. These plump bi chicks weigh about 2 pounds. They can and cook and cook. Previously called broiler chickens,cooked on a skewer or fried. In fact, distinguish broiler from the usual not difficult. First, it is much larger, it is well developed muscles, so the shape of his chest, as in adult birds round. But some ordinary chick "postroynee", his chest has an oblong shape and hard and bulging keel.To distinguish chicken from the chicken can and fat. If body fat is only in the lower abdomen, it means before you chicken-broiler. When frying it can do without oil. In frills it much more than the ball. You can talk about for a long time to find quality poultry.

Useful properties of poultry: Indian cock

When followed by "Bush legs" to us from overseas were imported turkey, sellers prefer to cut it in half, as many housewives did not anticipate what to do with the whole carcass. In North America, this bird lives for a long time. Grow and breed of Indians learned long ago.

If chicken is accepted and considered very useful dietary, The turkey meat - twice. But it also costs much more. In the turkey is not much fat - useful properties of poultry meat. Therefore, in order to match the dish was not dry, it is necessary to flavor butter.


Useful properties of poultry: birds breadwinners

Goose for us - already almost exotic. It is very oily and very large bird that is quite prepared rare. Prized today foie gras. And all because of a large amount of fat. It makes such a delicacy as pie "foie gras". The most delicious recognized Strasbourg.The ancient Greeks for big and fatty liver forcibly fattened goose, knowing the useful properties of poultry meat. But today in many European countries against the law forced feeding.

But the duck is more common option for us. It is popular not only in Russia but also in Europe and in Asia. The firstthat comes to mind - is, of course, "Peking Duck". This is when taking a duck and hung it over the fire, which was separated wood of fruit trees. As a result, the bird goes just unusual. It appears brilliant crispy skin, and the meat smells wonderful fruit flavors.

Useful properties of poultry: exotic guestsIn the Russian market is very recent alternative to our lands "bird" - American ostrich. This bird can reach a height of 2, 5 m. Moreover, ostrich equally well and can tolerate frost and heat. Previously ostrich kept exclusively for beautiful feathers, now many had to assess his meat. Fortunately it very much. For adult weighs about 130 kg.

If until recently the majority of Russian people wanted to buy food at bird markets (it's cheap, and a great choice), but now we want to feed your family not only delicious, but also the quality which guarantees the meat of this bird. Markets in this area do not cause the trust.So increasingly we go for poultry and grocery stores and supermarkets. Let the prices are above, but the choice is very wide: import or domestic, chilled or frozen, divided into parts or as whole carcasses. It is worth noting that in recent years significantly decreased the amount of imports. For us becausetheabroad usually lead frozen poultry. But in a sector of quality chilled and fresh produce carte blanche directly from domestic producers. Very popular nowadays processed poultry, especially semis. It can be sticks, nuggets, sausages, mince. Total more than 130 items.Today, many people who have private yard, engaged in breeding turkeys. After all, the content of this bird do quite inexpensive. Also, everyone has heard about it as useful. The only thing holding back demand for poultry - a situation related to avian influenza. Should it be afraid? According to the experts, is not necessary. But just in caseif you buy proven products. In most cases, the virus that affects poultry grown in frequent areas where there are no vets. But the big bird farms protected from infiltration of various infections. If you are early in fear and want to play it safe, that is 100% effective way to fight viruses -fry or cook poultry to full readiness, not eat raw eggs. And knives and chopping boards treat with boiling water.

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