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Chemical waving hair with his hands

Independent perm it risky: when selecting a liquid and curlers should be taken into account all the factors that affect the result. Without expert tips will have to rely only on themselves and exactly follow the instructions manual.When you wrap the hair in curlers, too, can face difficulties: to come out real hair, not curls, hair ends must be protected paper.

Hair evenly swirl inside. It is best to take a fleecy soft curlers with perforated grip that is not clamped hair. By independent chemical wave should be resorted only the fastest, moreover, would require a competent assistant to wrap the hair at the nape. Everyone else better to consult a professionalespecially when such issues as thin, damaged or colored hair. He will give the right advice to sign, which in most cases require chemically curled hair after washing.

Laying perm

How uhladyvaetsya perm? After washing the hair should be carefully combed.Then each curl individually screwed on finger and dried in air. Or dry the hair dryer, then separate wet strands lotion or spray dryer and put not too hot curling irons. Carefully removing curling, curl possibly better than not comb, just spread your fingers and fix spray.

Soft waves

The new technique of twisting curls hairstyle can achieve good results in which waves of consistent quality and suit your hair type.

Tips for putting curls Collie

Chemical waving gives many options conclusion, here is another example. Papilyotky or paper handkerchiefs for natural curls: draw a triangleroll strip. Spinning wheel to wind the hair ends to tie scarves firmly at the base of the hair.

Clips soft waves, lots of hair in plaits collapse, mounted on top of the head.

Hairclips for zigzag waves, twist hair strands, fix.

For curls curling ringlets needed, hot curlers or curling iron spikes.These locks can be obtained by twirling almost dry hair. Previously each spinning wheel spray lotion and a hair dryer to warm hairdryer. Wound hair dryer to dry properly and give good cool down. Only then remove the curlers, hair to shape arms and lock spray.

Methods of laying a perm.Quickly give your hair shine help special styling or artificial keratin hair spray. More hair will shine if flatten their special device that even straighten hair: hair to spinning, spray them with a lotion or hair dryer and pull through the device.Since this procedure damages the hair, you can go to her only occasionally.

Glossy styling perm.

Almost dry hair smooth conclude hairdryer. Airflow thus should follow the brush on top. Then rub the palms a little gel or wax to iron and hair. Or use glossy spray (or sprey-shine): due to the presence in it of thin silicone oils on the hair appear light reflexes. But this spray adds stability hairstyle. Obpryskavshy hair spray, you need to immediately smooth their palms to individual hairs not stovburchylysya.

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