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Gifts for wedding anniversary

Toward the close extravaganza wedding and honeymoon, according to Romantic brides, the soul is becoming a quiet sadness of that tale, which she had dreamed since childhood, will forever remain only in the memories, photos and wedding gifts.

Incidentally, it was present for the newlyweds and cause headaches for wedding witnesses.And they head hurts about this year and in the same time. Which is present now the two prefer, tell the name of the celebration.

Armenian wedding

Wedding celebration for someone, for someone not very good, but the Armenian Wedding - a feast for all. First, Armenia is a country of ancient, original and rich in tradition. Second, the Armenians in their homeland are not those that we sell in the market ... That's Armenian wedding like Sabantuy and eastern tale simultaneously.Traditional Armenian Wedding begins not with a history of love, with parental choice boy bride. The initiative belonged to the mother of the boy. Then carefully collected information about the girl: her health, hard work, character. The task of a young man, by hook or by crook in advance to see the bride.From the bride's relatives indecent immediately agree, but we must refuse so. To avoid quarreling families. As with any wedding, Armenian wedding unthinkable without courtship and engagement (nshanadrutyun), and, the bride and groom is not present.

Russian wedding

S wedding this concept is immense and legendary. S wedding is a huge cultural phenomenon. Of course, this phenomenon was born many centuries, incorporating the traditions of the world. Yes, the ring arrived in the Russian wedding (and more!) From Egypt as a symbol of infinity, the veil has been around for ages. And actually, Russian wedding,system as the ordinances fixing marriage, formed around the 15th century. All practices are both legal and mystical character - the reality is inextricably linked with the other world, a world where everything is not like ours. S wedding wide as Russia itself and therefore plays (that played as n-wedding event dramatized,although there are other options - Russian wedding-feast) in different parts of the country in different ways, but there are, as we say, the general outline of the Russian wedding.

Preparations for the wedding

Preparing for a wedding is a lot of small details which in any case can not be overlooked, because perfection is made up of little things. Of course, you can throw all the duties on wedding agency, which is a lot, but it should keep in mind the well-known folk wisdom: if you want something done well, do it yourself. SoPreparations for the wedding to begin somewhere for six months to the day X.

Witnesses wedding, you can not do without!

Weddings - one of the few holidays for two, which, however, is unthinkable without guests. Among the many guests at the spectacle of love is the main witnesses to the marriage.

Approximate bride and groom - irreplaceable people triumph as participating in all wedding ceremonies, rituals,help brachuyuschymsya welcome to enjoy happiness and charm of a holiday that boyfriend and my friend arranged for them.

Tatar wedding

Largely Tatar wedding like Russian, but in many ways - is fundamentally different, because Tatars are mostly Muslims and that's it. Tatar wedding is a wedding dance and deposits folklore, Oriental cuisine, Muslim customs ... Moreover, habitat Tatars large such Altai to Finlandso Tatar wedding in different parts of Eurasia absorbed and local features. So Tatar wedding in Crimea is gentle girl dancing, painting hands and hair of the bride with henna, and feast in the house of the groom (a must!).

A witness at the wedding

A witness at the wedding - it's usually a young unmarried girl, a friend or relative of the bride. Typically, a witness at the wedding dumped many responsibilities, so we can say that it is hard and tedious labor, because the wedding should not be mistakes and everything must be taken into account. However,often coming pal primarily concerned with the question purely girl: what to wear ... What still wear? White dress - unlikely, because white is the color of the bride. Black would look solemnly and Funeral. It is better if the dress looks like in texture and style to nevestin, only less luxurious, all the same,bride on that day to be the queen and you should not take away from it is right. Another, radical, option, play on the contrast, but for the most daring girls.

Unusual wedding

Unusual weddings are becoming more popular and more popular, as we want to remember this day forever. Of course, if you dream of an unusual wedding, it will be something to consider.

1.Tematika unusual wedding should be like and taste not only newlyweds. But all their friends and family. For example, would be appropriate in high-tech style,If you plan to come to grandparents and the groom and by the bride, all summer relatives. Would be inappropriate and incomprehensible unusual wedding in the style of Hollywood stars and relatives of the village.

Congratulations to the newlyweds from parents

On the wedding day we congratulate Newlyweds!

His father's blessing for a happy and long married life you give!

Possible assistance in case immediate promise!

Healthy and intelligent children,

Eternal Love and Understanding

Wealth and Prosperity wish!

Congratulations to the newlyweds

Holiday and Greetings - inseparable concepts. And most importantly personal life of every human triumph - Wedding - unthinkable without greeting the newlyweds.

So congratulations on his wedding require guestsespecially relatives and witnesses newly married couple marriage (they follow young parents recite the first greetings and toasts) careful and serious (even fun) training.