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Antibiotics in pregnancy - quite an extreme measure

Most modern women know that pregnancy is extremely undesirable taking any medications. You can only afford to welcome soothing herbal or no-silos. But sometimes there are situations where it is impossible to do without medication. It is in such a case may need to take antibiotics in pregnancysynthesized by microorganisms and kill bacteria and more.

The main thing is not to self-medicate. Even if you have a supply of medical books prescribe antibiotic pregnant may only qualified doctor. No no mother, no girlfriend, no forum pregnant, but expert. He did not just pick up medicine for you, but also take into account its impact on the baby.

Among the many antibiotic drugswhich can be taken during pregnancy, and their safety is proven.

Antibiotics in pregnancy successfully fight bacteria, but viruses and other organisms are affected, for this reason there is no point taking them in case of a cold or flu. With antibiotics is necessary in cases of acute infectionsbut without a doctor's prescription to use them strictly prohibited. Only an experienced professional can be a drug in the same dosage that will suit you best.

Without antibiotics can not do in the presence of pyelonephritis in pregnancy, pneumonia, purulent bronchitis, tonsillitis, purulent wounds and burns, tuberculosis,chlamydia and many other infectious diseases.

The vast majority of antibiotics that are approved for use in pregnant safe for the growing baby. A risk that is associated with the disease substantially higher if not treated. For this reason, do not give up taking drugs.

Antibiotics do not work on viruses,For this reason it makes no sense to treat them flu, SARS, acute respiratory disease. And yet they are not suitable in order to "bring down" a high temperature. If bowel disorders with antibiotics is also not required, except in extremely rare cases.

During the existence of antibiotics invented a lot of varieties of these drugs. They affect different types of bacteria.Today, there are antibiotics in pill form, but the most effective and safe injections administered in since drugs are not absorbed in the stomach.


Effect of antibiotics on the unborn child during pregnancy

If antibiotics during pregnancy is designed properly, it can hinder and harm the developing embryo. Especially detrimental to use in the first trimester because the baby organs are in the process of formation and in this case any toxin can stop or seriously disrupt this process.On the side effects of drugs known doctor. If the medication is designed properly, the risk of complications is reduced to a minimum, and it will be much less than the risk of worsening disease.


What is allowed to take antibiotics in pregnancy?

Allowable antibiotics belonging to the penicillin group, such as ampicillin, amoxicillin, oksamp,amoxiclav and many others. These drugs do not give harmful effects on the fetus and does not slow down development. Applied in cases where the infection was sensitive to these drugs by bacteria.

Cephalosporins : ceftriaxone, cefazolin cefepime, Supraks and so on. These antibiotics during pregnancy does not affect the status and development of the fetus,although penetrate the placenta. Assign where infection caused by bacteria resistant to penicillin.

Erythromycin, Wilprafen, rovamitsyn belong to the same group can also be used during pregnancy. They do not violate the fetus.

Sumamed, Zitrolid, su-factor - it's just different names for the same substance.Apply these antibiotics during pregnancy in case of emergency when other antibiotics are not providing the necessary action.

Furadonyn is often used in women to treat cystitis. During pregnancy data antibiotics completely banned in the first and third trimester can be taken only in the second trimester.

Metronidazole, flags,trihopol, often used to treat urinary infections and many diseases that are transmitted sexually. It is strictly forbidden to receive in the first trimester, as it is proved that the drug may provoke breach of the child. In the second and third trimester when the baby bodies its use is acceptable.Gentamicin is used only when the threat to life, such as blood poisoning. It requires competent calculating the dose as it can provoke deafness in infants.

Forbidden to use antibiotics in pregnancy

Tetracycline, doxycycline banned as toxic to the liver and kid can accumulate in the bones.

Ciprofloxacin,tsyprolet, nolitsin damage the joints of the fetus regardless of gestational age.

Furagin, Furamag, ersefuril provide potentially devastating effect on the child.

Chloramphenicol (No syntomytsynovoy ointments and sprays Levomekol burns olazol) has an effect on fetal bone marrow, but also gives the function of blood formation.Dioksidina can cause mutations and rejection of the child, it became known after conducting experiments on animals.

Biseptol extremely dangerous, as slowing growth and development, but also significantly increases the risk of congenital anomalies.


When antibiotics should be used?

Antibiotics do not work on viruses,so there is no sense to treat them flu, SARS and ARI. You can not just take them to prevent, as they provide a greater load on the liver, which we have to select unnecessary medication.

Antibiotics are not taken to reduce the temperature. Its parameters are omitted for the reason that the drug causes the death of bacteriawhich caused inflammation.

To reduce the high temperature smarter use antipyretics, such as paracetamol, which is safe for children and pregnant women. Aspirin and analginum not antibiotics, but they should not be used during pregnancy, as they have harmful side effects.If bowel disorder antibiotics should be used only in very severe cases. It makes more sense to take "smectite", activated carbon or polifepan and try to drink plenty of fluids.

Important: during pregnancy should try to completely abandon the medication, if such an opportunity as any "chemistry" adversely affects the womanand the child.

Unfortunately in the process of pregnancy, often there is a lot of situations where medication is needed, such as severe sore throat, pneumonia, pyelonephritis, trauma. Lack of treatment in this case may badly affect the woman and child. For example,pyelonephritis if left untreated can lead to kidney dysfunction, and the development of toxicity, which in turn can lead to miscarriage.


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