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"From pawns to queen"
Many of today's leaders and business leaders remember well crazy during the 90's, when the change came socialism "decaying" capitalism and allowed the average person, with luck, become the head of his own business in no time.

It was turning and ambiguous era when it was possible to achieve unprecedented success, occupying a niche and becoming the first in the business, while losing millions, unable to bear the harassment and pressure from the newly businessmen.

In the 90 could easily make large capital in tired from a lack of empty shelves and consumers.But you often have to start small and gradually vybyvayuchys of "dirt" in respectable businesses. Career many successful managers and owners of plants / ships began with plaid bags and sleepless nights in trains and buses, which followed in the former Soviet bloc sieve.

According to Inna Dubson,that has served as HR manager MAXIMUM radio times dizzying ups and fast career are long gone. Today, only a fluke can bring people instant career breakthrough for the better. But often, the path to Olympus is through the gradual acquisition of knowledge, experience, relationships and their developments.Today, while knowledgeable people capable of continuous learning and processing vast amounts of information. So break out of service personnel to leadership positions almost impossible.

Probability career take off and depends on the vitality and prospects of the company. The company has a constant growth dynamics and risky businessesany employee can get ahead by offering the revolutionary idea or a new corporate structure. Steadily developing company with a niche in manufacturing or services, a more conservative with respect to the selection of candidates for managerial positions. In such companies a potential leader must pass all stages of career development,starting from the lowest.


With sellers directors

The rank and file employees of any company are divided into ambitious and humble. Latter quite satisfied with their own situation, they do their job well and about any increase not dreaming. Ambitious employees from the very first day of work at the office as "plankton" dream man to take the place number 1 in the company. Here methodscan lead a person to the desired seat, very diverse.

Says Maria Bobkov (personnel manager of Adidas: «The vast majority (80%!) Sales assistant Adidas branded stores last year occupied various positions in the office. This indicates thatthat through focused and targeted success Seller may carry it up through intermediate stages. For example, many sales consultants grows administrators hall or sales managers. Ambitious and sensible employees over time can get a chair Store Manager. Almost all our leaders - came from prodavtsiv-consultants stores Adidas, and two are appointed regional manager for the development of retail networks in Russia and Ukraine. Here is a way to improve can make an ordinary salesman. "

Own Career Plan

If anyone could make a brilliant career, a passionately wished that, among us would have been no ordinary employee.However, possess the necessary for successful career advancement qualities, not given to everyone. Develop their leadership skills, creativity and innovative thinking are able not all. Moreover, these properties directly depend on the temperament and melancholic request to become resilient leader of a great team, it is stillthat require the choleric balance and equanimity.

Defining your goals and objective assessment of its own forces - a guarantee that sooner or later you will reach the heights of that dreamed of. You must calculate your prospects a few years back and celebrate all his breakthrough as the next step up.Mistakes do even a very competent and influential workers. But for them it is not a reason to retreat back, but rather an incentive for more vigorous leap forward. Therefore, try not to put emphasis on their own blunders, and often emphasize personal achievement. Believe me, people tend to notice only those who personally takes the initiative. Loyalty and move up the career ladder

When a person begins to realize that outgrew its own position, and the company was somehow too small, before it raises the question of "what to do next?". The choice in this case is small, either go and grow further in another company or stay home team and humbly waituntil the user remember achieve very valuable employee and ask them to increase.

It is important to understand which of career growth potential, and rapidly and unexpectedly, and where - is one of those "maybe someday ...". Large corporations and companies in terms of career advancement more promising than small or medium.Therefore, choosing between a career in the new company and the confidence in the old, think about its real capabilities and desires. If you wish to make a career prevails over all others raspishut their plans for the near future and act, even if it will have to go to their homes.

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