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Psychological training

Reading the title of this article, many might think: "Well, again praise trainings for commercial purposes." And here and there! In this article the author, by the way, qualified psychologist, decided to analyze the phenomenon of training from a consumer perspective. I help clients to understandwhat is a vocational training? What is its purpose? Who can be called a specialist in training? What is a "training needle"?

Training course called, often intense, which includes both theoretical lectures and seminars, and practical activities to consolidate the theory. Now, to teach any person different wisdoms (telephone conversation, effective sales,public speaking and even love his own person) willing to numerous schools and training centers of the individual. They all work on the principle of "money in the morning, evening chairs" and promised to turn people drastically.Those wishing to attend such training and use them to reach the "ceiling" in their career or become a new irra Winfrey local bottling, every year more and more. You can divide (very roughly!) Training on:

1 Training of personal growth;

2 Training and communication;

3 Training business.

Training of personal growth.All long been well known that strive for the ideal possible and even necessary. In psychology, there is even a abstruse term "personal growth", which operates on ordinary people magically. Just imagine a minimum of Alexander the Great,conquering half the world (although this training you will learn not to be petty and pay their ambitious views of the world).

In fact, personal growth trainings are subspecies communication training, which would get your hidden complexes from the depths of the subconscious and make them publicly overcome.

Communication training.The word "communication" is likely known to everyone. Without it anywhere now: can not build a career, you will not find the other half. And communication skills well in school did not teach because today's generation of urbanists is very difficult to contact with their own kind, gathering already plagued by fears and complexes.In communication training you will work under cognitive-behavioral methods. That is, in case of problems with public speaking or business meetings, you lose coaches problematic situation from start to finish. You, as an actor on theater stage, will perform a specially devised for your roleplay along and you will either coach or someone with training participants.


Business training.

This symbiosis of the first two types of training, with the only difference being that the business training designed especially for people working in marketing, management, PR-technologies and businesses.

Such training attention, more so given not one person but a team. Usually businesstraining "ruthless" boss sends a staff for their employees to unite and strengthen team spirit. At the same time they learn negotiation, skilled sales and the formation of a team which is not equal (especially competitors).

What are the advantages of training? Why the interest in them continues unabated, despite a lot of training schoolsdesigned solely to enrich their founders?

First of all, training - is a great opportunity to look at ourselves from the outside. A good trainer will develop a program so as to give you the maximum opportunity to reveal their dark side wings, without using hypnosis (such as in psychotherapy).The training is not for everyone, and it must be considered in preparation to attend a particular training.

Why not all? And as in the training process, you can get rid of "pink glasses" worn recently, and this, to say the test for the psyche. Most trainers create special demands of treninhuemyh,put them in such a framework in which to hide themselves and their essence is simply impossible. From a psychological point of view, it is quite an effective method to start building, which is still in man slept wakeless sleep.

During the training, no one ever wants to impress your pride and self-esteem, but sometimes seem that this particular GSM coach.Your first reaction to this might be a shock, resentment and despair. But when you open a "second wind" and you will realize that all this happened only for your good.

Quite common today and a principle of communication training as "here-now." The essence of this method is the complete denial of past events and memoriesas well as future plans and ideas. It is believed that direct communication in the group is the foundation of a harmonious personality.

Many practicing coaches oppose this method, believing it to be ineffective and limited in capabilities. They say that in the end the man back in his usual environment,quickly forgets personality changes and makes the same mistakes. In addition, many people, this method is contraindicated due to excessive vulnerability and vulnerability. And quietly bear criticism and stiffness (even in game form) of the participants can not everyone.

So, picking up a group for trainingmaster must use an individual approach to each prospective participant, and objectively evaluate the person's ability to play by the rules of personal training. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of profits, many coaches neglect these tips, trying to invite your training more people, often quite "disparate".As a result, people paying a lot of money, at best receives nothing, and at worst - gets a bad mood and new systems.

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