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Which career to choose?

From little man dreams of a career. Children often present themselves pilots, actors, athletes and even businessmen. Some can not make your dreams come true, and others remain with their children's dreams, selecting a real profession.Often to the individual dilemma: to choose a profession at the call of the heart or work where pay more. Someone chooses the latter option and calm "blows" from start to finish on the hated work. Someone happy to give himself to his chosen profession for a penny. Either way, the work gives a person the financial and moral independence,and the person giving the work its energy and emotion.

When choosing a career is important to consider not only its prestige or availability, but also their own personal characteristics, susceptibility to certain sciences temperament. The same applies to employers searching necessary specialists.Today on human test subject of creativity and character features by using psychological tests, astrology and even numerology. Numerology is the most affordable for the average person. It reveals the deeper meaning of human behavior and personal characteristics of the person.Most popular numerology takes today, when the figures and numbers is of great importance.

How to calculate the number of Destiny (the number of your implementation and karmic tasks)? It's easy! Please complete your birth date like this:

March 21, 1980, put in all the numbers and composition of each separately: 2 +0 +1 +3 +1 +9 +8 +0 thereforeYou got the number 24, it summarizes in one figure: 2 + 4 = 6.

Now consider the appropriate number of qualities of character and business potential.

Destiny Number One (1)

Very dynamic, independently of judgments and attitudes. Punctual, able to clearly structure your time. Active work is able to inspire confidence in others,allowing the unit to hold executive positions.

Work for ruler units - a way of self-affirmation and self-realization. The ideal job for the unit is considered and where possible to travel, interact with people and solve global problems. It can be spiritual and social activities, law and management.

Destiny Number Two (2)

Very serious and responsible attitude to work. A little slow, but does everything tidy. Plan your tasks on time, highlighting key details invisible to others. Very reliable and rarely leads to the terms and quality of work. He can be trusted with important projects.However, it is very comfortable feel and administrative positions at work that require quick reaction and thinking outside the box. He Trudiaga, but not a pioneer.

Destiny Number Three (3)

Great intellectual and optimistic. It has a well-developed imagination, many interests and agile mind.Troika can safely be called a generator of creative ideas and projects. Incorrigible enthusiast, always focused on success.


For him, the ideal of intellectual work, which enables each to look for something new and different. He fits telework computer, foreign travel, activities that require brain stress and risk. Three will be a success in the media, banks, stock exchanges and marketing.

Destiny Number Four (4)Worship stability and solidity of work. In the team are very honest and willing to defend the interests of colleagues. He likes order and for the workplace. For adventure and risk is very reluctant and not on its own initiative. New projects begins only after careful consideration and review.

Not suitable work without social security and stability.Freelancing is definitely not for four. Questionable work representative of this number prefer to bypass the tenth road.

Destiny Number Five (5)

A good organizer and administrator, respecting corporate orders and rules. For his best work, which can achieve high career outcomes. Able to make quick decisions and do the right conclusions.Objective and fair.

Contraindicated monotonous activity with promising prospects.

Destiny Number Six (6)

Six of the most industrious of all the characters. He sincerely believes that the most important - is the company and the team, and then himself. Very reliable, sociable and responsible worker. Teamwork for it preferable self-employment.

Destiny Number Seven (7)

Always confident in his abilities and competence, allowing him to work together as well as individually. Often increases the skills or receiving additional training, as curious and prone to mental work. Loves to learn. If working laboriously and nespesha, seeking good financial and career success.Able to quickly move up the career ladder solely due to the insight and analytical skills.

Destiny Number Eight (8)

Large mastermind and enthusiast. Analytical skills help him in promoting their ideas and projects. He is true to his principle and just go away from the intended path not want. His job -collective and common goal. By helping others, he thereby achieves financial success and career growth.

Destiny Number Nine (9)

Very sensitive to criticism, has the subtle taste and sense of beauty. Creative work just for Nine. It can thrive simultaneously in several cases, thanks to a lively mind and curiosity.Very proactive and prefers favorite work income. Can work productively as he and a team of associates.

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