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Conflicts of

The work takes the average person in half life. This means that the job can be considered his second home, and your team - his second family. Going to work on a holiday - who does not dream about that? However, the truth of life is that more than half of the people working in teams,at least once in their activity experienced a major conflict with colleagues.

It must be remembered that the working staff of the company, it is not a group in kindergarten, are collected here in one big collective adults, there were people with their ideas of how and what to do, how to succeed in a career as a to deal with their own kind. In a large company there is always time duel competition. Despite the factthat every employee is working for the common good of the company, each has its own views on this benefit.

Conflicts in the working group can be divided into subjective and objective. The latter arise as a reaction to poor working conditions, differences in the qualifications and experience of staff.Subjectively, conflicts due to personal aversion counterparts of each other, a high level of competition between employees, different views on professional activities.

Any conflict, whatever it was (subjective or objective) is a kind of litmus paper,which shows all the flaws and failures in the organization of effective workforce. The responsibility for these shortcomings should take CEO (sometimes manager of Human Resources), which allowed rasballansirovku workflow.


The script of any conflict at work about the same. First, employees try to hide his displeasure under the guise of indifference and conspicuous agreement with an opponent. But man Japanese robot Asimo, packed with some software. Unfinished conflict eventually prevents a person to perform daily work, communicate with colleagues,thereby dooming it to errors in their work. Finally, there is a situation in which the conflict as fire breaks out on the slightest spark. And then it can affect not only the perpetrators of unresolved conflicts, but all employees.What do you do in this situation head? To exit the conflict with minimal losses for all? The main mistake of any head is "carpet interrogation" during which each of the parties to the conflict is in the principal's office and closed the door trying to shield themselves and discredit their opponents.The correct method is "infusion in group" leader and attempt to reconcile the warring camps opened, along with other employees. No need to use the "carrot and stick" better understand the situation objectively and restore level relationships in the team. And this need patience to listen carefully to each of the conflicting parties.If the conflict is so ambitious that the head can not solve alone, it is advisable to invite professional conflictologists or any practicing psychologist. In general, in order to avoid serious conflicts in the team leader should be very careful in the process of staff.If a person has enough for professional skills and experience, but his communication skills leave much to be desired, it is necessary to consider the feasibility of its infusion into the team. Even one sklochnyy intolerant and professional, able to ditch all the smooth operation of the company.

Whatever it was,and conflicts at work were, are and will be. Sometimes they can bring visible benefits to the company. If you look at professional conflicts on the other hand, we can see that the clash of views is able to transform into a new revolutionary idea that will bring the company's financial or strategic advantage.In conflicts often born the same truth that reveals all the flaws and weaknesses of corporate activity. And it's a good excuse to see many aspects of the structure and benefits of the company.

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