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Complexes of cellulite exercises

Exercises cellulite much better publicized creams and scrubs so this unpleasant phenomenon. There are a number of specially designed sets of exercises aimed at combating it has already begun to manifest itself cellulite. If all previous exercises effective as prophylaxis,then at the first sign of cellulite should go to one of the proposed facilities.

Complex 1

Exercises for People with blood group I

In order to lose weight, I rulers of blood is the best fit yoga exercises specifically designed value for beginners.

1 Starting position - standing, legs together, feet parallel to each other each other, arms along the body.

Exercises for People with blood type II

Quite complex set. It is recommended to develop it gradually.

1 Starting position - standing, legs together, feet parallel to each other their hands along the body.

The full breath raise your hands straight in front of him to ditch his shoulders, thumbs clamped into fists.Vydyhnuvshy states and perform breath sudden jerks straight arms in front of him up and down. Repeat until the appearance of discomfort. Then set straight hands at shoulder level, palms put parallel to each other, sharply unclench your fingers and you would tion from full exhalation.

Exercises for People with blood group III

1 Starting position - lying on his back (cm. Fig. 1).

Raise both legs up, perform movements that mimic the work the pedals while riding a bike. Rate Commitmt - variable. Pedaling perform first at one, then the other way. Begin the exercise medlen but then steps up to a more rapid and move over to the slow pace of. Perform this exercise for 2-3 minutes.

Exercises for People with blood group IV

In order to perform this complex exercise, you will need free of furniture and wall decorations. Complex 1

1 stand facing the wall. Feet are at some distance from her, palms outstretched hands against the wall. GIS bai and straighten your arms, vidzhymaytesya from the wall so that the back was always straight. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the arms, legs,chest, back, neck and abdomen.

Exercises with the disk rotation

At the heart of exercises performed on the disk, BP is a - tion. Turns body, arms and legs with large amplitude around a vertical axis help to increase mobility of the spine and limb joints, prevent the development of osteoarthritis and sciatica. Regular classes form a good posture, develop coordination, strengthen abdominal musclesimproves circulation of pelvic and abdominal cavity, positive impact on yut vestibular apparatus. Experience has shown that training on simulators are very effective to reduce the fat layer howling in the waist and abdomen.

General recommendations for physical exercise

Complexes recommended governors of different blood groups, including a large number of rather complex exercise. These will take you a long time. How do to achieve maximum effect and not lose much time? It will help you a selective approach.

First try all the exercises complex recommen mendovano for your blood type.

A set of exercises (video)

We present you with an effective set of exercises that will help to lose weight and feel cheerful. Perform this set of exercises regularly. Only then will result.

Exercise first set of exercises. Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees and slightly spaced apart. Stretch arms forward, round the back,hands touch the inner thighs. Remember this location. Without changing the position of the body, zchepyty hands behind your head, and make-ups lowering the chassis.

Weight training for weight loss

As already mentioned, weight training is optimal if necessary to "burn" the excess fat.

It is best if you pick an exercise specialist instructor, must individually. However, in reality it is often quite different: exercises selected from journals, television viewed, etc.Selected in this way, a set of exercises do not provide the desired effect, and more generally any action not. Why? For the same reason that a good cocktail dress with fashion magazine is not for every type of figure. Ideally, each of the exercises included in the complex should be directed to a specific purpose,ie removal of specific deficiency physique.

Breathing exercises cleaning

The first and necessary for the normal purchase health and appearance - a clearing breath. In the School of Health Hope exhaust purifying method paradoxical gymnastics AN Strelnikova.

Breathing - the most intimate human livelihoods in the process.