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Diet - it's not just a way to lose weight, but are valid, healthy diet. To make your appearance was attractive, seductive and charming, it is necessary to apply the correct weight loss technique that assigns a specialist. Gray, weary to drink face will never pay attention to your slender figure. Therefore,choosing a fast and effective diet, make sure that that it did not cause irreparable harm to your body.

We specially for you placed in the category most fashionable and popular, fast and durable, gentle and effective diet!

In this section are the most universal diet that will suit almost all women. Butkeep in mind that our recipes and suggestions diets are only advisory in nature. Therefore, looking for the technique, consider the features of your body, health, material resources (as the most effective diet requires considerable cost), and the degree of willpower and fortitude of character.

Go on a diet everyone can.But endure exactly all requirements and hold on to it - the fate durable. We want you to choose the most effective diet!

Harmony, lightness and beauty!

Canadian diet number 1

1st breakfast: a cup of tea, 100 grams of cottage cheese / cheese 50 g / 2 eggs, 2 slices of bread / bagel (not white).

2nd breakfast: 2 any fruit.

Lunch: 200 g of boiled meat or fish.

Canadian diet number 2


Breakfast: 150 g fresh cabbage, a glass of mineral water.

Lunch: 200 g of boiled rice, 150 grams of salad with fresh grated carrots, olive oil, a glass of mineral water.

Diet during pregnancy

Dieting during pregnancy is designed to maximize the health of the unborn child and its mother. If you are pregnant and have been a fan of healthy eating, the diet during pregnancy - your diet in an interesting position, because you just need to make small adjustments to your diet.If you conceive a child to wonder about the balance of your food, then it's time to change your perspective on things and start to live a healthy lifestyle that will help make diet during pregnancy.

Russian diet


1st Breakfast: 100 g of boiled fish, 150 g salad of pickled cabbage, green peas, cooked carrots, a cup of tea without sugar.

2nd Breakfast: 150 g of boiled meat, 100 grams of fat-free yogurt, 2 apples.

Lunch: 250 g vegetarian borscht with any vegetables, 150 g cabbage and carrots, a glass of apple compote.

Diet Week

Breakfast: 200g pearl barley porridge with onions, carrots and butter, a slice of rye bread, a cup of tea with lemon.

Dinner: 150 grams of salad with sour cabbage with onions and butter, 250 g groats soup (wheat and vegetables), 200 g of vegetable stew.

Vegetarian diet number 1

Breakfast: 250 grams of porridge from any cereal, toast with tomatoes.

Lunch: 200 g of vegetable soup, dry bun, vegetable salad 150 g, 25 g cheese.

Dinner: 75 g (dry) spaghetti 100 g stewed beans, 30 grams of cheese, apple.

Vegetarian diet number 2


Breakfast: a cup of tea without sugar, 2 figs.

Lunch: sandwich with slices of banana pulp one, 150 grams of salad with fresh vegetables, pear.

Diet bounds

9.00: a cup of tea without sugar.

12.30: cup of tea with sugar.

13.00: sandwich with slices of black bread with cheese 30 g, 20 g of butter and 2 sprigs of parsley, or 100 grams of apples or other fruit, or 200 grams of cooked meat or poultry (without skin and fat) 150g vegetable salad, or 200g crumbly porridge with vegetable salad.

Diet for Moms

Diet for moms is designed for those who have stopped breast feeding her baby. It's no secret that a number of young mothers very seriously popravlyayutsya for pregnancy and breastfeeding, what effectively fighting diet for mothers. They appear 10-15 extra pounds or even more than that easily removes diet for mothers.Diet for Mom does not bear any additional health or additional aesthetics, not to mention the fact that young dads in this situation is not enthusiastic about the type of young mothers.

Winter Vegetarian Diet

Breakfast: orange / apple, a cup of herbal tea.

Dinner: 150 grams of salad with cabbage, carrots, turnips and green, 200 g of boiled rice with green peas and butter or 150 g salad with cabbage, carrots and beets with greens, 200g millet porridge with pumpkin, herbs and butter, or 150 g salad, 200 g of vegetable soup with rice, 200 grams of potatoes in their skins, 30 g green.

Snack: a glass of apple juice / cup of herbal tea.