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Chocolate Wrapping

Sure, chocolate massage, chocolate body wrap, chocolate masks and baths take their rightful place in your cosmetic procedures. We must start from the fact that the procedure is so good, just will shape your mood. It will be interesting to see the different versions of their appearance and present themselves, such as Ebony. But the point is not the point.Since time immemorial, it is believed that not only taste, but also the chocolate flavor restores emotional balance, reduces irritability and fatigue, providing a sense of inner peace and harmony. There are cases where chocolate helped get rid of depression. It was observed that children of mothers who ate chocolate during pregnancymore mobile and cheerful. However, most expectant mothers were the most resistant to stress.

How to get rid of cellulite?

To get rid of cellulite you need to know what it is.

Cellulite - a chronic disease in which the affected tissue Podkozhnozhirovaya. In order to properly understand the process of cellulite, you need to know about the features of the structure and functioning of adipose tissue.

Features of distribution of adipose tissue in the body

The distribution of body fat depends on the sex, age and race.

Typically, men are no cellulite. Perhaps this is due to a connective tissue bridges that prevent swelling of the fat layer. In addition, a higher density of adipose tissue in men provides a consolidated its position.Women have proportionally higher percentage of adipose tissue on body weight than men, and it appears thicker layer of subcutaneous fat.

Cellulite and its causes formation

Cellulite - a kind of change in the structure of adipose tissue. When metabolism increases the amount of fat cells and molecules present in them, go into the extracellular space.

The result is mikrouzelki filled with lymphatic fluid. Zastoyuyuchys, this fluid accumulates toxins.Therefore, the process of blood supply and utilization of slag violated, the skin becomes rough, bumpy, resembling orange peel.

Stages of Cellulite

Doctors are four stages of cellulite.

The most common is the first stage of cellulite. Cellulite is almost impossible to notice. The woman just seems that it is slightly plumper, but it is produced swelling starts slagging process.

In the second stage of cellulite fluid accumulates, compressed vein tissue strain,fat becomes more dense.

Cellulite Diagnosis

Earlier diagnosis of cellulitis was based only on visual inspection, measuring skinfold thickness, measure the circumference of the thigh. All these methods, however, do not have the required accuracy. Now some medical centers can determine the stage of cellulite by contact thermography.

Thermography (from the Greek. Apisyvat With heat) -diagnostic method, which is used with the 70-ies of XX century in breast pathology, in orthopedics, sports medicine and more recently - the diagnosis of cellulitis.

Means of cellulite

To heighten the effect of cellulite funds must be combined. It is necessary to improve the blood circulation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, activate metabolism, withdraw toxins, accelerate the disintegration of fat cells, strengthen muscles, connective tissue.

Remember that to achieve the effect not stop at one or two vehicles.


Cellulite treatment - it is a long process that needs to go inside. You must eat right. In the early stages will only change your daily diet, and in the more advanced stages of cellulite will have even needed special medical diets.

A balanced diet

It is recommended to include in the diet of more foods rich in fiber: whole grains, beans, wholemeal bread. Eat more vegetables and fruit. It should reduce the intake of salt, fat and sweet food.

Proper selection of clothing and footwear

The treatment and prevention of cellulite great importance is the correct selection of clothes and shoes. Too tight, uncomfortable clothes compresses the skin and as a result, the blood vessels. Deteriorating blood supply to the body. Accordingly, the body zashlakovyvaetsya, skin condition worse. All this leads to the development of cellulite. The same thing happenswhen a person starts to wear uncomfortable shoes shoes tight squeezes blood vessels, there are swelling, legs start to get tired. Wearing high heels also causes fatigue of feet and swelling.

Water Treatments

The main stages of skin care products include body cleansing (cold shower, bath, bath treatments), toning, nutrition, hydration. More details on each stage.


Of course, taking care of your body, you have to clean every day, not only the skin (as on make-up and saved her from the day of dust).Leather body also requires competent treatment. For daily procedures can be selected gel. It is better if it is pH neutral. Desirable to use soap because it dries the skin.