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Secrets of appeal. Attractiveness in the eyes of women

Women objectively evaluate other women, and so their idea of ​​beauty and attractiveness are quite similar. Therefore, if a woman likes another woman, then you can be sure that it will be like any other woman! And often this is enough to get dressed and very nafarbuvatysya. For example, notewhen one of the women says, look at this girl, she beautifully dressed and so beautiful and attractive. Unfortunately, women dress, first and foremost, for myself and other women. Only undress exclusively for men.

Attractiveness in the eyes of man

Become attractive in the eyes of man essentially harder because men evaluate women's subjective, and therefore every man his evaluation criteria and each requires its own unique approach! What is good and works flawlessly for a man likely to be completely unsuitable for another! You can be beautiful in the eyes of all women.But you can become quite attractive for all (even most) men! Yes, often tastes different men are diametrically opposed. For example, half of men like women with big breasts, while the other half prefer women with small size frankly. One only like bright, red - revolutionary -clothes and other gray mouse.

Sexual attraction Women

Sexual attraction to female importantly, it is substantially more important than attractiveness purely external. This attraction can be developed, having school female superlyubovnits.

In any case, to reach its perfection, you must first train and train their working tools. For this violinist hands for chess - mind,for wine taster - language, etc.

Clothing, underwear women

Clothes women only attractive to men when it leaves room for his imagination and guessing that for a skirt; when it flies in the wind or zadyrayetsya, it can be seen on the 1 cm longer than it is open for public viewing. It does not matter even he knows this woman in every intimate detail. Clothing attracts precipitating,exposing, descending. White - is the soul of a woman, it reflects her thoughts and moods. It has an attractive force, TIMELESS. Lingerie admired always and everywhere, in all times and all peoples. It says a lot about the woman who wears it, and men try to look at him as a closer.

Now the underwear

Stockings (not tights!) Belt is very erotic for men. Panties tease too, so this is the last hurdle before a man wanting you. They bring it to your intimate places and at the same time hide them. Many men find black belt, high heels very erotic. If the loved one wants this,you have to wear these toilets, despite the fact that you consider them vulgar. Because whatever it was, nobody but you will not see, and if what you look like a woman with vulgar French movie capture encourages you to bed, you will be more than stupid if we do not and will not skorystayeshsya his desire to involve you the maelstrom of passion.

How to lure a man

How to attract male attention? Why I do not like men and if I like it at all?

I want to pay attention to me with sexual overtones. The result is a poorly hidden envy of friends and a desire to dress with a hint of sexy.What are you hinting style of their clothes? Attire not talk about the inner world of man, of how it is interesting in communication - communication course, but not sexual. Clothes in this sense indicator is negative - on it can be seen rather underdevelopment of intellectual and spiritual sphere than on its merits.


Some of us are so confused notion of sexuality and sex appeal. But the latter, only part of sexuality. So, what is sexy? The expression of sexual feelings and intimacy between people, as well as expression of identity through sex, or sex under the influence based on sex.If male sexuality is inextricably linked to masculinity, the female looks like a solid mystery. In general, sexuality is a human behavior and multiple aspects of sex as psychological and social, ethical and religious and political: for sexuality is not just biological. Thus sexuality can be called one of the forcesdriving man.

Face Building

Gymnastics for the eyes

Gymnastics eye needed to relieve fatigue, especially when working on the computer.

Each exercise - 5-6 seconds. - The more, the better - the principle of repetition exercises throughout the day. C power cringe and look into the distance (that was not wrinkles - fingers pressed outer corners of the eyes).

The first steps of sexual adventures

Selectors love affairs can be any - and beginner-discoverer bedrooms and researcher, practitioner buduarnoho art. We are inclined to believe that a truly great lovers - people like Catherine the Great or Don Juan, people hone technique with multiple sexual partners.

But being a good lover -This does not mean a colossal; sexual appetite and endless lists lovers. Not quantity but quality - that's what makes you desirable lover for your partner. You can have a huge number of notches on the leg bed, but you run the risk of being. Appalling in bed, if you think that, what works with one partner,necessarily will produce the same effect on the other.

Sex. Assess their capabilities

Strip, stand before a mirror and look at yourself. Slowly turning carefully consider myself from head to toe, from all sides. What do you see? Thick thighs, genitals terrible - too small, if you are a guy or too hairy if you're a girl? If you are a woman, you think your breasts are too large or, conversely,small, sagging or too with lots of stretch marks? If you're a man, you think that you are not muscular or you're a little bald? What do you feel looking at your body? Disgust, despair, depression or anger?