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Successful Career


"From pawns to queen"
Many of today's leaders and business leaders remember well crazy during the 90's, when the change came socialism "decaying" capitalism and allowed the average person, with luck, become the head of his own business in no time.

Psychological training

Reading the title of this article, many might think: "Well, again praise trainings for commercial purposes." And here and there! In this article the author, by the way, qualified psychologist, decided to analyze the phenomenon of training from a consumer perspective. I help clients to understandwhat is a vocational training? What is its purpose? Who can be called a specialist in training? What is a "training needle"?

Dismissal without tears

Ever wonder what the difference between a dismissal ordinary employee and managers? It appears the only difference in the definition! Yes, ordinary office workers "fly to work", "mosey rods", "get the gate turn" get laid off and go heads into retirement, change scope,followed by mutual agreement, and so on. etc..

But that would not accept verbal form release, it is always unpleasant. Even leaving the former location to the new cause inconsistent and rather unpleasant feeling. Whatever position you do not take in his company, parting with it should take place according to certain rules,which allows to level the emotional stress of the process.

The probationary period

If you happen to go through the interview for the post of which you dreamed last few years, then you have come to the formalization of work in the personnel department. Many enterprises for beginners usually prescribed probationary period, after which, it will become clear whether the proposal will follow the further cooperation of management.During the probationary period will follow, not only in terms of your knowledge and experience, but also communication skills and the ability to integrate into a team of professionals.

5 Golden Rules for Business Success

That was long ago, but as I remember, was engaged in the translation of other interesting bulk material for students of one university Humanities (Faculty of Linguistics). Title read: "What everyone should know businessman?" Author Herbert caisson. By the way, it was the actual thing for the time 15 years ago when tilky-appear only the first hints of the business.

Online training

If all applicants chosen future profession according to the position of the labor market, many specialties simply would disappear from the face of the earth. Submitting documents at one time or another institution of higher education, prospective students are often guided by quite different principles: small passage score, low training requirements,Faculty unusual name.

Which career to choose?

From little man dreams of a career. Children often present themselves pilots, actors, athletes and even businessmen. Some can not make your dreams come true, and others remain with their children's dreams, selecting a real profession.Often to the individual dilemma: to choose a profession at the call of the heart or work where pay more. Someone chooses the latter option and calm "blows" from start to finish on the hated work. Someone happy to give himself to his chosen profession for a penny. Either way, the work gives a person the financial and moral independence,and the person giving the work its energy and emotion.

How to find a job?

Despite the relatively high level of unemployment, the labor market today can offer a very wide range of jobs. Half of them, of course, variant, which is almost impossible to make money and feel confident in the future (basically a network marketing "work in the office of education" or Home-Based Business).However, if you look closely, you can detect and completely suitable vacancies for qualified professional.

Conflicts of

The work takes the average person in half life. This means that the job can be considered his second home, and your team - his second family. Going to work on a holiday - who does not dream about that? However, the truth of life is that more than half of the people working in teams,at least once in their activity experienced a major conflict with colleagues.

How to write a resume?

Have qualified specialty - is good, but sometimes not enough to achieve the career heights. Offer yourself as indispensable professional labor market, where the real chaos and competition - is an art.

If you plan to take a position more or less promising companies and successfully realize their ambitionsyou can not do without skillfully drawn resume. What is a resume? Why it is so necessary to the employer?