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Types of Shopping

Capture shopping can be divided into groups of people who deal with them, and deliver the goods. For example, we can distinguish male and female shopping. Many also recognized the presence of child and adolescent shopping. By title catalog are the following types of shopping, as online shopping, book and food shopping.

Women,men's and children's views shopping primarily differ in preferences of each group. Yes, women are mostly attracted to buying cosmetics and clothing. Men interested in cars, books, electronics (especially electronic) and details of it, computers and software, as well as food. Children are interested in food and toys. Teens tend tomost interested in fashion and get her clothes and matching accessories.

Male and female shopping

It is believed that men do not like to shop. Recently, however, an increase in the number of men engaged in the purchase, although they are still far from women.

The reason for this trend some believe that men are longer remain unmarried. In this regard, there is a need to purchase many things. In addition,more and more men are married to women employed in business or spend a lot of time at work. As a result, men have a lot more to shop and make purchases along with their wives.

How do men purchase

Men spend very little time to make a purchase. They even walk the aisles of the store faster than women. Men hardly consider this product. But despite this, sellers are very easy to attract men to the product that he did not intend to buy. Although the people will not ask questions about a product or consultants to askwhere he needs department.

Going to the store, the man already knows what it wants to buy. So he confidently and quickly place in a section of the store is the right thing and almost immediately sent to pay for it. Thus in man there is not particularly pleasant and joyful emotions about the purchase. For it is common,which takes time and money.

How do shopping women

Women behave differently. They collector by nature, so coming to the store, women tend to examine all possible options, including slowly finding the appropriate thing. The process of finding a woman brings great satisfaction.

In this regard, it is not surprising that a woman can spend a few hours only to havecity's counters and try anything she liked. In this case, it does not necessarily make the most purchase. According to studies, women on average spend in shops for at least 2 hours.

Kids Shopping

Children go shopping with their parents as well as their own. Depends on choice of buying E SLI child released in one store, it does not give a lot of money. Therefore, it is limited to the purchase of chips, sweet soda, candy, chocolate, etc.. Claim.On the dangers of such purchases for children's health a lot of talk abroad in America, even in the law that prohibits the sale of these products near children's schools.

Teen Shopping

Teenagers, unlike children, more passionate about their appearance. Trade adolescents imposed new principles: to be meaningful, it is necessary to look cool, have cool things (mobile phone new model of brand shoes and clothing, stylish hairstyle and so on. Etc..).

Teens spend a lot of money on jeans, shirts, shoes, caps, jewelry,perfume. This applies not only girls but also boys.

Online Shopping

Recently in Ukraine becoming increasingly popular shopping over the Internet. Perhaps the reason for this is the ease and simplify the buying process. To make an order, do not go anywhere or leave. As a result, saving time.

About half of the people who use the Internet to make purchases, choose this kind of shopping,because they like that the product delivered directly to your home. Ease of shopping without leaving the house, especially valuable during bad weather on the street, when you do not want to go anywhere.

Using the Internet to select purchases

In Europe, the common mixed shopping, when customers use the Web for information about a particular product that they are buying then personally visiting the retail stores. The number of people who are shopping in this way, ranging from 10 to 20% of all Internet users.

The reasonin which people prefer not to buy on the internet like this product is that many consumers want to witness the product and hold it in your hands. Some do not like the price for delivery of the goods.

What is shopping

Shopping Shopping is called. This word comes from English shopping, that means shopping. This term appeared recently. What is the reason for its occurrence in the Ukrainian language? For purchases made before.

Perhaps this phenomenon is due to the phenomenon of addiction to shopping.With the abundance of goods in the stores, many women (and sometimes men) just lose control of themselves and buy everything you need and do not need.

The impact of advertising

Special role in the formation of addiction to shopping at shopping plays advertising. She often determines the choice of the buyer. Acting quietly on a subconscious level, advertising affects the behavior of a person who is no longer in their choice guided by their own preferences and comes in the wake of imposed stereotypes and models.People bought on vivid images of advertising, taking inspired ideas about the superiority of one product over another, the expected result of their use, and so on. Claim. Example, many people want to believe that, thanks bought shampoo their hair really become soft, shiny, v ' succinct, their color - saturated and t. etc..