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Baths for skin

Our skin can tell a lot about that, for example, not only age, but also about health. If you always take a bath for the skin, described below, the skin not only cleared but also is more robust and resilient.

Two or three times a week on a regular basis need not take a hot bath. When summer comes and the heat,recommended more frequent reception. After the bath the skin of hands and feet is desirable to apply a cosmetic lotion or nourishing cream. The cream should be rubbed thoroughly to completely absorbed.

How to cook cream for face and body at home

To care for your face and body is always useful to use vitamin creams that can be prepared independently. This cream is simply applied to the skin, such as hands and rubbed through the motions that resemble donning gloves. So, read on how to cook cream at home.

Face Body at Home (Part 1)

Many fashion company in the production of cosmetics offer their customers a variety of lines of body care. According to them they are able to provide comprehensive skin care. The structure of all these lines must include shower gel, body lotion and scrub.

In general, to improve the nutrition of the skin should be done morning exercises.This increases blood circulation and adds vigor. After gymnastics take a shower. In the process of washing need to use cleansing agents.

Face Body at Home (Part 2)

Face Body coffee.

The market in the sale of a large number of masks for the body. In their composition often includes coffee. This is due to the fact that caffeine penetrates through the pores and promotes decay fats. In addition, it provides a pleasant fragrance, and skin appears light tan shade.

Essentials skin care body

Almost all women care about the condition of your skin. The majority of them the most attention to the face.

The reason is that the body is usually hidden from prying eyes clothes and see a person without exception. Moreover, the skin on your face is much more sensitive than the body, and more exposed to adverse environmental factors.

However, the skin on the body also suffers from dryness and dehydration, resulting in a rapidly aging and loses its elasticity. Most noticeable on the chest, abdomen, buttocks and inner sides of hands.


Paraffin is a cosmetic procedure that is used for rejuvenation and toning the skin of the body. Procedure is performed by applying heated to 55 degrees paraffin.

Currently, this procedure is very popular. It often offers visitors beauty salons.For its use of specially purified paraffin.

The choice of body care

All people without exception somehow use shower gel. The market is currently represented a huge selection of the product from different manufacturers. So is it possible among all this variety to choose suitable for you?

Unfortunately, at the moment it can be done only by trial and error. If you prefer, you can certainlytube gel liked to include an examination, but it will be very expensive, and the result is, by and large, really. So, is known reliable composition of the product, but how its components will react with your skin it - that, unfortunately, did not say a single examination.

Types of Massage

Even in the most ancient times, massage performed on various occasions: to regain youth, tighten loose skin or cope with any disease.

All massages are almost entirely absent contraindications, prohibited by their execution only in case of an acute condition when fever is pustular infections, open wounds or abrasions.

Properly wash in the shower

To be beautiful and healthy, you need to do physical exercises in the morning. Because they are stimulated blood flow in the capillaries of the skin, respectively, better fed, and therefore continues her youth and beauty.

Better take a shower after exercise will be performed every day.

The stream of water should not be too cold,as the body and so few chilled in the morning because of the cold water can get stressful. Very hot water wash is also impossible, because you can get overdried skin. Better to choose a secondary option. Take showers need long: five to ten minutes.

How to make a chocolate body wrap at home

Chocolate can not only enjoy, it can be used to make a mask, massage, body wraps and even the bathroom.

And, to complete all these procedures can not only inside, but also at home, using simple recipes.

So for chocolate wrap for the skin acquire chocolate with 50 percent cocoa beans.Half tile is melted in a microwave oven or water bath. There is added a teaspoon of olive oil. Chocolate cool slightly and applied to pre-cleansed face, and the area around the eyes and lips should remain intact.