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Glossary of Beauty


Darsonvalization - traditional method of electrotherapy. In fact, at a certain place variables affecting high-frequency currents low power and high voltage. For this purpose, glass vacuum electrodes of different types. Currents are thus rejuvenates the skin becomes more elastic, that it no longer developing senile wrinkles and folds.


Paraffin was formerly a warming and relaxing way to massage. Now this versatile method used to execute applications on the hands, feet, face, abdomen and thighs. Most often used for face and hands, as they are most of all external factors. With one session you can get rid of cracks, dryness,peeling and redness of the skin at the same time - smooth, soft and smooth.

Fruit Peel

Fruit Peel - This is a type of chemical peel. For its implementation using fruit acids. Basically, using a standard set of fruit acids: glycolic (sugar cane), dairy (yogurt, tomatoes or blueberries), malic, tartaric (grape and wine), lemon (citrus pineapple and all).

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails - the second name of artificial nails made of acrylic.

Their main drawback - the constant presence of a specific odor that is inherent acryl.
Dignity - more natural than gel nails, ed.

Alexandrite laser

Alexandrite laser - created to generate radiation whose wavelength is 725 nm. It is based on alexandrite - hrizoberillovyy crystal containing chromium.

Vakumna cleaning

Vakumna cleaning - апаратний метод, для здійснення якого використовується спеціальна пневматична присоска, за допомогою якої відбувається видалення жирових пробок і забруднень з пір. Зі шкіри видаляються відмерлі клітини епітелію, вугри і комедони. Виконується як окремо, так і в комплексі з іншими процедурами. Досить щадний метод.

Hair Implants

Hair Implants - method by which partially restored the missing hair. It is based on fixing artificial hair. For the manufacture of artificial hair fibers are used, implementing the deep skin. Currently, often transplanted and implanted hair personal patient.


Removal - procedure, during which artificially remove hair. For the destruction of hair follicles enjoy pulling for that use special patches, exposure and other technologies. Epilators come in several forms: waxing, electrolysis, laser hair removal, photo-epilation, Elos hair removal shugaring, hair removal using fitosmoly.


Mesotherapy - This method of alternative medicine whereby corrected cosmetic skin imperfections, carried out face and body. After the procedure began to disintegrate all body fat, stimulates the processes of cellular metabolism, excreted excess liquid.Due to the mechanical impact is the destruction of all conglomerates fat cells (cellulite) and alignment across the surface of the skin.


Thermage - This is a method of rejuvenation, which is also an alternative solution surgical facelift. His only contraindications - the presence of silicone under the skin. In the procedure no allergic reactions, in addition, after her face is still no trace. The procedure is performed using low-frequency radio wavespenetrating the skin 5-7 mm and stimulating collagen production.