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What caused the resistance fragrance perfume

Fragrance is much more stable if it is high concentration of perfume extract.

In stock perfume (parfum (extrait)) it from 15 to 30 percent, while the eau water (eau de parfum / parfum de toilette / esprit de parfum) from 10 to 20 per cent in the toilet water (eau de toilette) - from four to ten percent.Most stable - spirits, they can hold five to ten hours, but they have and the price is much higher. The most common find perfumed water, as it is held for three to five hours and still has an average value. A lot of manufacturers do not produce perfumes and perfumed water only.

Women's style and spirits

Perfume is very difficult to choose.

Especially when you consider that selling them, there are many. The dream of every woman - finding your unique flavor to emphasize its individuality, charm and sexuality.

How to decide when choosing the right perfume?

Often the fact that woman chooses perfume affect Tips seller, or the appearance of a bottle.

On the essential oil of ylang-ylang

The essential oil of ylang-ylang is even often used for making perfumes.

He has rich sweet floral fragrance which is both exotic and fruity shades. To create one kilogram of essential oil requires about fifty pounds of mature flowers of ylang-ylang, which is then distilled.Earlier this plant grew only in the Philippines, and now the Comoros, and the island of Java.

How to distinguish different perfumes countries

The shops sold perfumes that produce a lot of factories in different parts of the world. How does it distinguish? What are the characteristic features?

In general, the dominant market niche occupied by French and American perfumery. France in general - Queen of perfumery art. It has a very rich historyIt was here in the seventeenth century began to produce perfume. In the French perfume scent tradition developed in three stages. Development aroma conducted so that the reaction with the skin of a man he is revealed not as skin more.

Perfume for children: Pros and Cons

Colorful bottles of children's spirits can not remain indifferent to any parent who loves their child.

However, many parents often wonder whether or not these dangerous spirits for their young children. And indeed, in fact, need this or perfumes for young children?The answer to this question will depend on what is embedded in the meaning of perfumes. As we know children are in the process of maturation know the world and do it including by smell. The use of perfume during the growth and development of the child is able to inflict considerable damage.

What perfumery

The word comes from the French perfumery parfumerie, the word translated as scented products and perfumes.

At the same time, the word is often understood perfumery industry that manufactures fragrances that are used to impart a pleasant flavor and body worn clothes on it.Also, this word often mean different cosmetics.

Types of Perfume

All Perfumes are composed mostly of alcohol and special additives that are of vegetable, animal or synthetic origin.

All currently existing on the market perfumes can be divided into 6 basic types.

1 Perfume - combination of essential oils, aromatherapy connected to one song.They are a mixture of extracts and alcohol with a small addition of fixative, it is often of animal origin. Perfume - a very concentrated liquid. For this reason, and the most expensive. Their staff often include expensive flower essences.

Perfume and History

The history of perfumery began many centuries ago. In ancient Egypt made ointments and balms that have a variety of fun flavors. They are applied to the skin for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes.

Alcohol as a basis perfume was applied much later. Initially used as carriers smell vegetable and animal fats.

How to choose perfume

Often women ask themselves questions about how to choose a perfume. The answer to it very much.

First of all, you must understand that perfume - a scent that operates in counterparts. It can help the cause as sympathy and antipathy.

The proper choice requires calm, relaxed mind,no odors sufficient to choose the amount of time.

What do perfume

What is the composition of perfumes?

When creating perfumes used more than 300 synthetic and natural fragrances derived from both animal and vegetable, and of chemical raw materials.

On average, the composition includes 15 to 60 different fragrances. Most of its content 10-25% of the total mass of spirits, some marks - up to 50%.