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Caring for dry skin at home

Most dry skin is common in people with red or blond hair. This skin is prone to early wrinkles. She also poorly responsive to temperature change. However, it rarely appears on any inflammation.

The most important task of cosmetic care for dry skin at home is to prevent it drying out.When washing, you can use hot water as it severely dry skin. The same effect has hard water. Soften it can be with a few drops of ammonia or a pinch of boron.

How to care for combination skin

Combination skin is just as oily or dry, requires a care. Here's how to care for combination skin and recipes for the easiest and most effective lotions that help maintain the health of the skin.

The easiest lotion - fresh orange juice.Cotton ball or a piece of cotton wool it must apply an even layer on the neck and face. After 1-2 hours of juice washed off with warm water.

Care for dehydrated skin

Lack of water can occur in any skin type. Mixed and dry skin after dehydration becomes rough and dull. And for oily skin and enlarged pores appear gray.

First you need to figure out what is contraindicated dehydrated skin:

a) long presence in areas with very dry air (therewhere constantly running air conditioning or heating appliances)

Care autumn

Autumn - a time during which the skin is a strong negative effect of environmental factors such as wind, rain and snow, leaving skin often suffer from them.

Even oily skin under the influence of unfavorable factors shown a very strong wish that we talk about the dry,because it has less protective mechanisms. Skin Care autumn always recommended to use special tools. Often many people stop their choice on creams.

Skin care in winter

Winter often dehydrated skin. To avoid this, you must use a humidifier. This is especially true at night. The average humidity in the living room should not be below 60%. When lowering this value gradually dehydrated skin.

The lower in the surrounding air humidity percentage,the more intense it will proceed dehydration. Humidifier is a device that is plugged in the power supply, which had filled with water. Under the action set out in its heating elements evaporates the liquid and release it into the air.

How to remove black eyes at home

To cope with bruises and circles under the eyes, you can buy doroguschy cream, but you can just use home remedies that will save the sensitive skin around the eyes.

How to remove black eyes at home?

1 For example, infusion of sage. Teaspoon sage leaves brewed in 100 grams of water and allowed to stand fifteen minutes.Half of the resulting infusion is cooled in the refrigerator, and half again heated. Then use cotton compresses are made: first with warm, then cold. The gap between them should be about seven to ten minutes.

Masks gloss at home

For softness, elasticity and sensual lips do not need help of professionals and visiting expensive beauty salons. They just need a systematic care. So long they will stay fresh.

First of all, proper care of the lips involves performing daily massages. It uses a wet toothbrush or towel.After the massage must be applied on the lips of a nourishing cream or vegetable oil (great sunflower, olive or corn). Also, use a cream and lip masks at home. To prepare effective masks need conventional products that are in any kitchen in every home.

How to determine skin type face

Facial skin needs constant care, as it is constantly exposed to detrimental environmental influences such as wind, sun, rain and other elements. All this leads to premature aging of the skin, and their sagging.

To avoid this, almost all women use special equipment, such as creams, gels,masks and more. The structure of the skin, with small differences, all people are equal. A significant difference is only in the intensity with which all human sebaceous glands secrete sebum, and which areas of the skin are more active. This type of skin, most people with age may vary.

How to care for your skin at home

All people throughout life somehow have problems with skin associated with dryness or inflammation such as acne. It was then rises sharply and questions about their care. This is especially concerned about women. This article will explain how to care for your skin at home.

Cosmetic facial masks


Cosmetic facial masks - is one of the additional money that is used for skin care.


Recently there has been a surge of popularity. Currently all beauty salons offer without exception to all clients facials. They cost differently. It all depends on the class beauty and components that make up the mask.