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Beauty Women

Makeup: draw arrows shadows. Master Class

With shadows can draw very trendy and unusual arrow.

For this we need a thin and flat brush made of cloth. Easier would be if its tip is slightly beveled. Wet brush and squeeze to her left water.

Then type in several movements shadow brush and draw the arrow sohow to make it liquid liner.

Makeup: draw arrows liquid eyeliner. Master Class

To master the technique of drawing arrows liquid eyeliner beginner, it is best to start with the supply of the "ship."

Flexible tip of this liner easily draws in all directions. The length growth of eyelashes arrange terms or small shtryshkamy, they should not be up to the outer corner of each eye.After processing the ciliary path along the entire length century, try gently combine all the strokes into a single line. Once the liner is dry, it will look like a continuous line.

Makeup: draw arrows pencil. Master Class

Various products can draw arrows on the eyes, the easiest way is to pencil.

As part of makeup, arrows - is not just a decorative element, as well as an effective way to correct proportions and shape of the eye.

Remembering popular retro images (Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe), we mean not just a makeup and styleas well as a specific form of arrows.

Make-up for women who wear glasses

An essential feature of the modern woman is the glasses. To be attractive, you must first select the correct eyeglass frame to make it in harmony with the hair, makeup and face shape.

It is necessary to take into account the point that if you wear glasses high on the bridge of the nose, the nose will look visually longer and a bit more to make it smallerneed to wear glasses in the middle of the nose.

Creating makeup look to it in harmony with the color of glass and frame. Everything else depends on what your vision defect.

What haylayter and how to apply

Haylayter - this means makeup, with which you can select and highlight different parts of the face to correct and hide wrinkles and giving it a fresh look.

Types haylayter: blush, eye shadow, powder, proofreaders, soderzhschie reflective particles.

Its main task is to spot the dark areas,so the colors in it are different: light beige, white, ivory, silver, gold. They are very good face mask due to the fact that their membership includes reflective particles.

Makeup for blondes every day

So, take the foundation Alliance perfect perfect merger, apply it from the person, because there most redness and imperfections. Be aware that the farther to the periphery you will move from the face, the less foundation there should be.

Then go to blush, blondes are more suited pink tones. They appear fresh, Beautiful, and most importantly - naturally. Blush should be applied immediately on the cheekbones, and then in a circular motion with a brush they need shade.

Quick makeup for busy women

Now you only need a few minutes to make a good makeover!

Daily care and in most cases women take all the free time, and they do not have time for themselves. It happens that on the morning make-up is also not enough time. But slightly tinted lashes and expressive lips look much more attractive than you'll just without makeup.

Cocktail makeup - marine watercolor

This tutorial will show you how to day makeup can make cocktail.

In the model simple daily makeup: face made entirely tone made her eyebrows, eyelashes prokrasheny. In the evening she was going to dress up for a walk in the new emerald dress, makeup artist set out to pick up the green,to completely repeat the color of the dress and emphasize eye color.

Options for Summer Makeup Givenchy

Soon summer is approaching, and makeup ideas not? Yes! We'll show you several options for summer makeup.

Preparing individuals for makeup

First, you want to clear skin tone means by Givenchy Fotoperfekshn light № 3. Minor flaws on the skin and shady areas under the eyes are covered corrector Mr. Light number 3.After that, bloom applied to the skin radiant light powder. Peach blush applied to the cheekbones.

"Smoke" Makeover

Eye Makeup using the mosaic of "Dior" № 790.

To start on the upper eyelids of both eyes put foundation makeup. In this case it will be "Paint Pot" Painterly "., For this small amount of basis set using the pads of your index finger, then massage in a circular motion evenly distributed layer over the centuries.Further basis for eyes in a circular motion applied to the lower eyelid.