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Red dress

Red dress - is the latest fashion trends. Just like fashion black evening dress and holidays, fashion red came to us from overseas and was provoked relaxed and did not recognize any authority Hollywood beauties. And - was immediately picked up by numerous women of fashion worldwide. Why red dress so popular?

First,centuries was considered the color red of love, passion, happiness and beauty. Remember Krasna virgin of Russian folk tales! And all of the above - or not, as sought by every woman? Second, the color red itself immediately attracts attention. And to stand out in a crowd of at least dazzling beauties than you yourself,is through here a "shock" to attract attention. But red - a double-edged sword. He is not looking, bezappelyatsyonno equally emphasizes both advantages and disadvantages figures - in the event that the style of dress chosen correctly.

Red dress is not recommended to wear light-skinned blondes, their color - pink. And burning brunettes better color and can not be - remember how spectacularly in movies-horror movies look dark-haired vampire lady in bright red flowing dresses. Women with red hair are advised to wear red only - in tight fitting dresses, and just -in perfect shape, or rather grotesque glamor can be achieved. Brunette and other recommended clearly reconcile every detail of the ensemble, before deciding to go into the red to the people. A well-chosen accessories and makeup can turn brunette in Queen, but a tactical miscalculation also make a splash - but with a different sign,with extremely negative.


Red dress - it's always a challenge, be prepared for the fact that others, whose attention you have attracted, will scan your every move, wanting to make sure whether you meet so perfect image that created, or is - an illusion that will shatter at the first miss.

The heroine of the novel Maugham "Theatre", a famous actress,advised his interlocutor: "If you took a break - keep it to the end, hold, whatever it may cost you!". The same can be said about a woman who wears a red dress - if you set the bar high, you should meet her. And that - not that difficult if you know a few little secrets "taming" the red dress.What accessories to suit epatage of the dresses? Very few, as a dress itself - force. Wear it can be silver. Shoes and handbag - is usually black, or gold, or too "silver."

Makeup for this dress as a top must be perfect, because soft shades just "lose" face on the background of a dressespecially saturated colors inadvertently can turn you into a lady of a certain profession - pardon the comparison. Eyeliner is highly desirable, even when you almost never use it in make-up - shadows and mascara is enough to set eyes on a bright background red dress dazzling effect.Before you go out into the world in a red dress, with makeup on him several times better workout without witnesses. Note that the lipstick must also go red and blend with the color dress (not necessarily repeat).

Red wedding dress today is no surprise,but recently married in a red dress girl out only in a distant India or China. Today, visiting a day painting near the palace weddings, you'll be able to see at least one of Brac in a red dress.

If you decide to make your life a little novelty and extravagance - buy red dressbecause only this color, according to psychologists, provokes in women craving for adventure and active change.

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