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Tattoos and piercings on a woman's body

Tattoos and body piercings women are no longer a novelty. But still good to know all of these pitfalls and how to circumvent them by during piercing and decoration.

Experts on piercing

Experts joke that there are so many types of piercing, how much free space is available in the body. But there are still places on our body,which are in actuality traditionally or in tribute to the changing fashion.

White tattoo

White tattoos are rare today, we can say about them even few people know. Tattoos - a decoration of the body, which can not be easily removed once bored. It will be on the body for many, many years, so weigh this step is necessary only after weighing all calmly and carefully to choose the type and pattern.If after oscillation pros and cons you do decide to tattooing on your body, the next choice that you have to do is decide - what kind of tattoo you want - black, one color or color.

Consequences tattoo

Consequences tattoo often frighten women and not allow them to decide to take this step. Women's nature requires a fine appearance anywhere. And regardless of the circumstances in which a woman gets. And if you can not apply make-up and monitor it that way out is drawing tattoo. But beforethan take a final decision on the need for this procedure, you must have the full information about its possible consequences.

Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo in the past have been extremely popular in 2012. Today, probably as a result of the general rise in fashion, have become very popular drawings of dragons. Practice shows that today one in three wants a tattoo with a dragon. This mythical animal symbolizes strength, feyerychnist and rage. There are two main types of dragon:

- Eastern dragon;

-Western dragon.

Tattoos on the hands

Tattoos on the hands are the most popular among all types of tattoos. Anyone who has decided to put its hand tattoo wants it to be original. There are several types of tattoos, attracts attention from others. The man who decided to get a tattoo on hand, must choose her among the most popular destinations tattooand to give it personality, you can modify it a bit and add.

Women's Tattoo - Rock, guardian, jewelry, whim? ..

Women's tattoo - a common subject disputes. Tattoos - actual which year of the new millennium and trendy hobby, which half a century ago are mostly fond of the stronger sex. However, political equality, social and cultural emancipation allowed and lovely ladies using the original,that adds some charm impregnable persona tattoo that still thought only men's jewelry.

Tattoos for girls

Tattoos for girls are known for their diversity. Everyone knows that the butterfly - a very beautiful creature. Most often girls choose tattoos of this creature of nature. Image butterflies include various mixing color scales, elegant lines and shapes that are very pleasing to the eye.

Tattoos for Girls - Butterfly -is often used to impersonate beauty and revival of spiritual values ​​in the culture of different nations.

What does the tattoo

No one doubts that any kind of art, one way or another, affect the subconscious mind of man, in his psychological state. When talking about this unusual art as art decoration different images of his own body, it is particularly important. It should be understood that the tattoo means.

Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos have been popular for many years, but now do not lose relevance. The art of decorating the body with different pictures come to us for a long time. On the use of henna when applied to different images, the ancient sources say they believe such pictures on your body is applied inhabitants of ancient Greece, Babylon,Roman Empire, Mesopotamia and Assyria.

While henna tattoos were used as talismans and amulets, many of them were deposited in the performance of funeral rites and accompanied by their owner throughout his life.

Temporary Tattoo

There are plenty of types of modern tattoos. Along with the emergence of new species, there are also new methods of application, such as temporary tattoos.


This material has stable property dye is made from the leaves of the same plant and for many centuries has found wide application in the Middle East.For application of temporary tattoos use a paste made from henna, after a while zatverdevayuschuyu skin. After removal of the solidified mass in treated oil picture to add color tattoo greater saturation.