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Ingrown nail: treatment at home

When nails grow - this is a pathological process, unpleasant beginning of which can trigger different reasons. Often this process is due to wrong or very badly done pedicure. Too deep cutting edge of the nail is highly undesirable. Risk of damage to the nail plate, which is why it starts to grow.

Oil for nails shiny manicure strength

In the cosmetics industry often use oil. It is used to strengthen the hair, skin and nails.

Oil strengthens nails and makes them less brittle.

In addition, it nourishes and gives them a beautiful and aesthetic appearance. This, incidentally, is one of the reasons that it is used by many women.

What you need to nail not hurt

Nails are horny skin appendages located on the fingertips. Their structure is genetically determined, but it can be changed under the influence of external factors, such as child care and nutrition. Also a big impact on them makes work performed by a person.

Healthy nails are flexible and have sufficient strength.Very often poor condition of nails say about health problems.

Types of Nails

Nails have long been a part of the female image. Their appearance and degree of care suggests how people watching them, and in some cases may indicate his social status.

Now the perfect look can be achieved when working with both natural and artificial nails with.The following will explain the main types of nails.

Nail Care

Nails, despite its external strength are actually very fragile.

That they have the requisite appearance, not vidsharovuvalysya not kryshylysya required compliance with certain rules:

- Avoid direct contact with water and various chemicals (better wash and wash with special gloves, as the water nails are rough,and chemicals often contribute to tooth decay);

Problems with nails

The most common reason that a change in the type and shape of nails - fungal infection.

Therefore, if your nails are thickened form and acquired a yellowish color, see a doctor. The results of the tests will be known to cause nail changes.

If you find that this fungus, then it will be necessary to take specialassigned to you doctor medication.

How to make your nails stronger

In the process of nail care is necessary to strengthen them.

Especially when you consider that we always use washing powder and detergent from which nails start to delaminate, and they have a fragility and brittleness. And really - they have to be very strong, elastic and pink.

Coping with burrs

Burrs called skin, which ridden at the base of the nail.

As if it is not dangerous, but still, if you accidentally come off, caught on something, it will not be the most pleasant experience. In addition, it can lead to blood poisoning.

Most burrs occur in those whose hands are constantly in contact with aggressive substances,and in people who bite nails.

Pets masks for nails

The current fashion led to natural nails healthy, shiny, bright, strong and smooth.

Now, many women began to wonder how they do so by using folk remedies.

First of all, you can always use regular products: potatoes and cabbage.Fresh cabbage (letter) and one raw potato crushed using a blender, then there is added a spoon of sour cream or cream. Apply a quarter hours. For rinsing this mask using a cotton swab dipped in milk.

Whiten and strengthen your nails at home


Sometimes the improper varnish or some other aggressive actions, your nails are yellow.

To bring them back to the natural color, can and should apply whitening home remedies. As a basis they can use olive, almond or jojoba oil, there is attached a pair of drops of essential oils of various plants: cedar, myrrh,pine, patchouli, bergamot, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, etc. Use this mixture before going to bed.