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Adult massage

Since ancient times favorite means of maintaining health is an intimate massage zones.

At one time, using sex massage pleasure received true connoisseurs delight, often they were kings, princes, monarchs.

In fact, probably all like to be in their shoes and feel the same feelings, emotions feelingsexperience the unforgettable pleasure and lift the mood and energy of intimate massage.

Cupping massage

Massage cupping is used in different cases. Cupping massage helps in the fight against cellulite, strengthens the body, adds vitality and improves skin.

Even our ancestors treated cold using Jar massage. The therapeutic effect is achieved by increasing the blood flow, the body begins to better fight disease.As a result of cupping massage the body created biologically active substances that help to recover faster, and bring the whole body back to normal.

Erotic Massage

An excellent choice is erotic massage.

Most people are so busy, problems, household chores and work that intimate life is very little time or no remains.

Thai massage

Thai massage appeared almost about two and a half thousand years ago, and its ancestor named Dr. Kumar Bhakka, who according to tradition lived at one time with the Buddha. Some believe that it was Thai, other that a Hindu. In Thailand believe that Thai massage there at one time and with Buddhism mainly used in monasteries.Then monastery served not only the role of temples of worship, but also medical research centers. It is for this reason that medical professionals recognize the monks. Thai massage is a collection of Chinese tradition medicine, along with the Indian Ayurveda and yoga.

Vacuum massage

Vacuum massage - one of the most effective types of therapeutic massage and a method to fight cellulite. The method is strong effects on skin, muscle fibers and subcutaneous fat.

The most important aspect is the influence of vacuum massage in prompting the body to use biologically active substancesfound in the blood stream and inside cells to treat the body. The result of the vacuum causes a positive effect on the entire body, helps get rid of pain, improve emotional background. If you dont have problems with cellulite or overweight you will be useful for raising vacuum massage of the body.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Through the use of Lymphatic drainage is pressure on the fabric, and as a result increases lymph flow, eliminates stagnant areas. There is improvement in metabolism, the skin becomes smooth, soft, healthy complexion becomes, there is resorption of cellulite formations. Currently used lymphatic drainage massage,as a prophylactic measure (hardening of the skin and improve the body) and in the treatment of (apparent deterioration of the body). If limfosistema works correctly, because it goes from 2 to 4 liters of lymph fluid a day. However, if limfosistema weakened, may be stagnant fluid, there are swelling,cellulite deposits. Deteriorating condition of the body, skin color changes, it fades.

Intimate massage

The name intimate massage points out that mutual pleasure can get couple in love. It is necessary to conduct an intimate massage with ease, without using force and painless. Touch in the intimate massage should be sensitive, gentle and giving a pleasant feeling. Success intimate massage isthat when it gets deep relaxation of the body and emotions, on the contrary, reinforced and exacerbated feelings. If we draw grace and stroking, slowly, gradually it will lead to full-blown orgasm. Do not spare tenderness and affection during intimate massage can bring every portion of the body in awe and delight. Althoughvery intimate massage stimulates the body, but that it will help to achieve maximum relaxation.


Massage promotes the improvement of the body as a whole, improves circulation, tones and smoothes the skin.

Before the massage is desirable to take a shower or wipe with a damp towel, then wipe dry.

When the local massage nude should be left only massaged body part, while clothing should not interfere with the procedure. If the skin is damage (bruising,scrapes, scratches, etc.. etc..), they must be pre-processed.

Kneading massage at

With warm hands massage must perform three techniques: fixation and admiration massed region, compression and compression, rolling and kneading. In longitudinal kneading method is performed along the muscle fibers extending fingers. Thus the thumbs of both hands are massaged on the front surface area,fingers are on the sides massaged area. Then brushes alternately compresses and paste massyruemoy surface.

Massage of the lower extremities

Massage ankle. Stroking circular and planar. Rubbing rectilinear, round, spyralevydnoe Hatch. Press, precision vibration, active and passive movements.

Massage shin. Stroking plane, obhvachuye, hrebneobraznoe. Rubbing rectilinear, round, spyralevydnoe, sawing, planing, shading. Kneading longitudinal,cross, pressing, felting, stretching, zrushuvannya. Shaking, punktyrovanye, beating, slapping, chopped.