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Make-up using a pencil

Sometimes makeup can be done only by a cosmetic pencil, because it is a versatile tool.

They can be painted eyes, lips, cheeks and eyebrows. Cosmetic pencil will not only help in concealing various defects and correcting the shape of the face, eyes or lips, but also to create the perfect image.

Radiant skin makeup

How to ensure that the skin is always tanned, or always shining?

All the famous brands are funds that make the skin shiny, shimmering and tanned. We will understand that what is intended.

Lyuminayzery (illyuminayzery) can be found in the form of a cream, konsilera, powder, pencil or light fluid.

Proper selection of accessories and makeup

To make up was qualitative, not enough good roads cosmetics, it is also important to get a sponge, puff, brushes and sponges.

To make up was smooth and beautiful, foundation or foundation lay perfectly, need help just tools with your finger here can not cope.

How to make a beautiful eyebrows

To eyebrows looked nice and well maintained, not simply tweeze, they are also constantly in need of additional care.

The minimum set that should be in every woman watching their appearance - is the presence of an eyebrow pencil and a special brush. We must not forget that ugly look like too thin,and too thick eyebrows.

4 rules for beach makeup

The main purpose of makeup on beach - color equal to the face to protect it from sunlight and well highlight your lips and eyes. Summer is also best to experiment with the look.

Terms of makeup for the beach:

Choosing the right brush in the mascara

The fact that the formula used in the manufacture of mascara, and what quality of components - only half the battle. To well coated with mascara on the lashes, it affects brush - its shape, length and number of hairs. Among the producers held constant invention of new schitochok for mascara. Often women, seeing them all in the store, get lost -so many of them.

The range of products today mascara quite large, so every woman can find the right one that suits her the most. Mascara can help make eyelashes thicker, slightly curled, long, and can do it all together.

Three types of make-up and when to apply them

Currently there are three main types of make-up: day, evening and business.

Day - close to natural skin tones.

Evening - very bright. It allows any colors and their saturation.

Makeup brown eyes

In the art of makeup color is the main instrument of transformation.

Eyes, in turn, one of the brightest parts of the face that attracts the attention of men in the first place. Especially look beautiful brown eyes. Their holders are mostly very confident and motivated people.

In brown eyes can be many different colors,for each of which you can customize the colors for makeup.

Applying and removing makeup

The skin around the eyes is very thin, so the application and removal of cosmetics it should be as careful, otherwise it can be damaged.

First of all make-up at the eye turns mechanical action (cotton buds, pencil and brush). Since eyes attract attention in the first place, they are trying to make the most expressive.This should put as little physical effort.

Make blue eyes

Many men are attracted blue eyes. He is often compared to air and bottomless sea stitch. Holders of eyes for the most part very good and helpful people. They never leave a loved one in trouble and often help strangers.

To enhance the beauty of blue eyes, it is necessary to choose the right colors for makeup.