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Funny scripts

Funny scripts are different. The most common and most favorite holiday of all generations has been and will be April 1. It is a day that brings joy, fun, laughter, jokes and jokes. Whatever was grim and serious man who would not attend his troubles and problems on this day he was reluctant smile.The main feature of our mentality is a celebration of any event, would be a reason. This sin is not to celebrate the holiday. Therefore, it is celebrated all - at home, at work, at university, at school, in short everything! There are plenty of jokes, funny scenes, anecdotal situations to help bring in the holiday a lot of pleasant emotions.As ridiculous scenario offer a ridiculous scenario celebration April 1 at school.

First you need to create a festive atmosphere, decorated as absurd and more fun in the school hall. Here you will come to the aid of balloons, ribbons, strings, lots of old useless things, toys (they may be broken), tattered booklets. Appropriate anything that looks fun and silly.Headmaster gathers all students and teachers in the lobby. It should be noted in ridiculous scenarios musical accompaniment for these holidays. It may just be a fun music or funny songs. Some students declare Day Humpty boltaystvo.

By inquisitive audience goes back and forth. Humpty Dumpty costume should be given special attention,since it is an integral part of the ridiculous script. This can be any ridiculous clothes, you can even too big or too small, as it can be put on either backwards or inside collar. Also, while it should be very bright and "fun." Nonsense recites various amusing rhymes and zaklychky, guess all children puzzle.Those children who Guess the mystery, here and there gives some cool prizes.

When the puzzle in Humpty Dumpty end, he invites all to go to class. However, students and teachers are required to change clothes their shoes rather wear a collar sweaters or jackets inside out,and go to the next and thus distinguish the following way: take the left hand pen and write your name if you are right handed, take the right hand knob and do the same if you are left-handed.


The next stage of the ridiculous scenario also strongly recommend that you use. In the lobby the next floor all schools as a surprise - it sounds orchestra. This is not a symphony and cacophony, as musical instruments in the most incredible musicians - this pan, scallops, briefcases, crackers, cups and so on. To agree allFrom what we can give at least some sound.

All differ by grade. Lessons are also fun because the teachers come up with hilarious lesson in advance.

An integral part of the script is ridiculous contests. After the second lesson announced a big change. Nonsense again holds the line and once he sing fun and funny song,he announces contest balloons. The essence of competition is who can quickly inflate the balloon to burst it. To make it more fun, this contest is for fun music and rhymes Humpty Dumpty on the topic. You can organize the team. Whose team over all the time-burst balls, and he won.Everyone expects mass humorous prizes. You can also hold a competition "The most clever rhymer." For a moment the contestant must come up with funny quatrain on any topic. This can be a poem about a teacher, a student or about the nonsense. Selects the jury of several students and teachers, then the jury considers all the poems and selects the most fun.The winner gets a consolation prize.

This funny big break ends and all offered again break in classes. Further lessons are also fun and Prykolchyk. When the school day is over, back and forth at the exit from the school gives all prizes. As prizes will be useful any trinketsIt is important not the gift, but the memory of fun passing the time.

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