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Scenario Halloween

Scenario Halloween popular in our country. Today Halloween celebration in our country is very important. This holiday is characterized primarily using unusual costumes. In celebration can participate not only children and adolescents, and adults. Our script offers Halloween adults participated in the festival. A place for celebration - cafeor it could be a restaurant. It all depends on your choice and investment. It will certainly decorate tables pumpkins for Halloween is a symbol of the holiday. It is a symbol of what the harvest is over, the symbol of evil spirit and fire symbol that wards off the evil spirit.

Holiday spend driving. You can invite as leading not two people, as is usually accepted, and even three or more. In our scenario Halloween we invite three presenters. One presenter at our Halloween scenario seems butcher, the second - a witch, and the third will be dressed in costume death.

Be sure to make a menu,which will correspond to the holiday. It's very simple - the names of the dishes must somehow relate to Halloween paraphernalia. The musicians that make up the orchestra should also let their dresses do not come to frighten, but to answer the holidays.

All guests entering the restaurant in our scenario celebrate Halloween cat.Rough movements it pushes visitors to the hall. He says all sorts of threats. Entering the hall, invited to the feast must be scared of death, which sat at the table pretending that died. Witch offers came hellovinsku menu, while making terrible grimaces.

When all are in the collection, leading to the scene.Cat: We welcome you! Congratulations to those who are not afraid and came to say goodbye to the past as the old useless thing! Let's say goodbye to autumn and Halloween meet!


Death: Only the Halloween night is a transition from the past to the future, the transition from autumn to winter. On the night of Halloween gate open time and erase the line between past and future.

Witch: Just today we can see another world and be able to touch him, as the inhabitants of hell can only penetrate this day on earth!Cat: In order to fool the evil spirits, we need to dress so as to look worse!

Death: announced a contest for the most horrible costume!

In the scenario envisaged Halloween selection jury, which will decide whose the most awesome costume. However, this role may well come in useful and leading involved in the celebration.As a prize may be pumpkins - the symbol of Halloween.

The next stage scenario Halloween - dance competition. Leading announce that evil spirits bored, and this they can become even angrier. Therefore, they should cheer. The essence of competition is that everyone should imagine that the floor - it's the ocean, and a sheet of A4 paper -This is the island of love. When the music, dancing couples randomly between these sheets of paper, but when the music is interrupted, they should definitely get to the island. All salt that letter on A4 can fit only one pair of legs and then with difficulty, and the island has to get a pair. Therefore, the contestants have to zapryhivat one to another,or stand on legs partner. In general, people got. The winner is the pair that will last the longest. The prize can be a bottle of champagne.

Another competition can be used in scenarios Halloween. This contest "The best mummy." Caused by several teams. With their members elected someone who is mummy,and his other zamotuyut in a roll of toilet paper. Intersect time and the team that will cope better than all of this task is the winner. As a prize being offered some hellovinsku dish from the chef.

Scenario Halloween you can use many other competitions and games that can be found in the literature,as well as online.

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