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Contests birthday

Contests birthday should be chosen depending on the lifestyle and outlook invited.

Before you sit down at the table, each invited paper cuts that he would like to donate or wish hero for the day. For example, the car keys to a new apartment, baby, banknotes, new dress.All the "gifts" are attached using thread to rope or twine that stretched about chest level.

Birthday blindfold and handed scissors. In approving shouts of the audience he has come to cut the rope we "souvenir". That was in the hands, must appear in the birthday year end.

To enable guests can propose hero for the day guess who it wishes. If he succeeds,visitor performs some Fant sing song tells a joke.

Contests birthday for drunk Company

Guests sit at the table. When prompted, leading one guest puts a button on your index finger and returned to the neighbor invites him to move the button on your pointing finger. Using other fingers are not allowed.And so the circle. Uronyvshyy out of the game, and as the last players have to drag through the entire table.

Win two recent website and get a prize.

Humorous contests birthday

Pure drinking game. Depending on what is poured, it can be called "General vodka", "General whiskey" General "amaretto" and so on.Compete must say without error text, along with a certain action.

"General moonshine drinking moonshine once." Make one drink once wipe your finger (gesture Hussar!) Mental or existing mustache once prystuknuty glass on the table, once stamp his foot.

"General moonshine drinking, drinking -2 times say! - Moonshine again. "Make two sips, double finger mustache wipe twice prystuknuty glass on the table, double-stamp his foot.

"General moonshine drink-drink-drink moonshine third time." Make three sips, three times to wipe finger mustache, three prystuknuty glass on the table, three stamp his foot! Phew! Everything!

Who makes a mistake, giving way to the next.Few first time can not fulfill all the conditions. Consider also that the one who was closest to success, more drunk. And then, the next time it will be more difficult to concentrate.

Children's birthday competition

From pre-harvested in the proper quantity of vegetables, fruits, herbs, slices of cheese and sausages, sausages and boiled eggsmayonnaise and pepper horoshinok try with their children to build anything seen in this diverse children imagination wild animals: Cucumber - absolutely nothing to worry crocodile; sausages with different lengths and matches - funny dachshund; ships with egg halves and slices of cheese instead of sails; fly agarics edible egg and tomato halves, etc.Your wards with equal pleasure fun eat sandwiches and rested mother meanwhile arrives with dessert.

Contests birthday.

Leading wrote the first phrase, but this time for all to leave only the last word and the next participant should, based on the word, continue text. In general,about as rumors are born. This, in some way, written version of the game of "broken phone". But at the end of the text read out usually causes a storm of laughter.

Funny contests birthday

When a person gets a job, he usually writes an autobiography. Imagine how it would lookand write the name of some famous personalities of their autobiography. Among these celebrities: Baba Yaga, Carlson, old Hottabych, Baron Munchausen, Koschei Immortal.

Competition for speed and "imagination"

You know since childhood and probably love tales H.-K Andersen "Tinder", "The Ugly Duckling," "King's New Clothes", "Steady Tin Soldier""Thumbelina". Try to tell one of these stories, with most of its tradition of using special vocabulary: military, medical, legal, political, and pedagogical.

Contests birthday for all

You probably sign popular in the early XX century genre of silent film. It is not the actors uttered the words,and used to transmit feelings bright expressive gestures. Try it and you create a silent film based on the fables of IA Krylov "The Crow and the Fox," "Dragonfly and the Ant", "Quartet", "The wolf and the lamb", "Demyanova soup."

Another competition Birthday: on a sheet of drawing paper made two slits for arms. Participants are each a letterdragging a hand in the slot, paint brush portrait birthday without looking. Who "masterpiece" was more successful - takes the prize.

Contests birthday for drunk Company

The game can hold for birthdays, anniversaries, it participates hero of the occasion. On a chair lay a number of potato tubers (57 pieces) and cover material or newspaper. All this is done so as to not see the birthday boy. Then invite hero for the day. And invites him to sit down on the paper, which includes potatoes on a chair, sitting posovatysya and determine how many potato tubers.

Competition for all

The old French game tied ball,is thrown and caught in a spoon. Take a thick yarn or cord length of 40 cm. One end of the stick masking tape to the ball on the table tennis and the other - to the bottoms of the plastic cups or tie to the handle plastic mugs. Your bilboke done. Play a few people.We need to throw the ball up and catch it in a cup or mug. For there is one point. Catch the ball alternately to miss. Missed passes bilboke followed by a player. The winner is the first one to collect the appointed number of points. Gifts for any celebration


A game for drunken company

Compete two players. Required elements - Coke, vodka, 2 cups. As players poured a glass circle. This brown bear. It must be converted to white. This is done as follows. The player makes a breath, and fluid in the glass dolyvayetsya to previous levels vodka. The player makes a breath again - the level returns to the original,pouring vodka. So is repeated until the liquid in a glass or becomes white. If players are still able to finish the game, it goes into reverse. Vidpyvaye vodka - dolyvayetsya circle until the glass is completely brown. Won ... 'lucky' is declared,he won only the next morning after a hard awakening. Warning: do not play this game if you are not confident in your own abilities and do not know your rate. Aware of the possibility of alcohol poisoning.

Competition for all

Participate two people. The two chairs is a bowl of water and lies on a spoon.Several steps should be two chairs, and they empty glass. Who will fill the first empty glass, that - won.

Competition joke

It is essential that most people in this she did not play. In an empty room takes a long rope, and stretched the maze so that people passing, somewhere sat down, crossed somewhere.Inviting another player from the next room, he explains that he has blindfolded through this maze before that remembering the location of the rope. Viewers will prompt him. When players tie eyes, rope removed. Player hits the road, stepping in and pidlizayuchy nonexistent rope.Viewers previously asked not to publish secret game.

Funny birthday competition

Players stand in rank, shoulder to shoulder, away from fragile and sharp objects in order not to injure yourself and not spoil the atmosphere. Lead is in top ranks. All repeat his movements and speech. Lead reaches out forward and says, "I see a teddy bear!" WaitsWhile it will repeat the last participant, then squats, with an outstretched hand and asked "where?" Again waiting for the completion of the ritual, and then with a cry of "there" !, Pushes his neighbor so hard to rank all fell. The game ends dump friendly. We recommend the most feeble players put at the end of line.

A game for drunken companyAll sit in a circle, leading - in the center. It is suitable for any player and asks questions such as: "What's your name?", "Where do you live?" Etc. But should not meet the one who asked, and his neighbor on the left. If you answer the one who asked the presenter, it should give the phantom. After the game play forfeits.

Beauty BirthdayTo play included music, and boys and girls are divided into pairs, each pair appears newsprint sheets (large - format A2). The letter lay on the floor and everyone starts to dance, each pair in his letter. What came out of the limits of the newspaper a couple of leaves. A few minutes later host is a letter each pair twice and still continues.So is repeated several times. The game is very "brings" particularly when almost no newspapers.

Fun game

The game involves two people. Each holds a spoon in his mouth with orange or potatoes. Hands behind your back. The task - to let his opponent and spoon orange dates not let her. For the boldest owners -instead use an orange egg.

Funny birthday competition

Party games will portray with fraudsters tale "The Golden Key". Caused by two couples. One in each pair - Alice Fox, another - Cat Basilio. Whoever Fox - bend at the knee and one foot, holding her hand, along with a cat, who blindfolded, arm in arm,experienced by a given distance. Couple "doshkandybav" first gets the "golden key" - a prize.

Competition joke

Comes out with a couple from each team and become close: hand in hand. For pairs of tangents linking hands, and hands-free, ie one of the parties of the left and the other right hand should pay roll prepared in advance,tie a ribbon and tie it in a bow. Whose steam ahead - scores a point.

Competition for all

The presenter said: "We are all people, educated, but do we know the alphabet?" With the letter A, and then alphabetically, the player begins the phrase of congratulation for the reason that the assembled guests. For example: A - Aibolyt welcomes our birthday! B - Be vigilant,soon to be cake! B - We shall drink for ladies! Especially fun when the game comes to D, F, L, I, L, edition. Prize receives the one who came up with the most ridiculous phrase.

Funny birthday competition

This game is a modification of well-known game "broken phone".The principle of the game is as follows: players of each team (preferably at least 4 people each) are built in the back to each other. Before the first columns placed in a clean piece of paper and a pen. Then, leading in turn to the appropriate players in the last columns and shows them a pre-prepared simple picture.The goal of each player is to draw on the back in front of what he saw. Then the one who drew on the back frantically trying to understand what it there so clumsily drawn and realized, trying to portray a similar picture on the back next. So goes further to first columnwhich depicts the final version on leaf lying before him. The winner is the team, whose picture is at least a distance resemble the original.

Competition for young

With players voluntarily chosen victim-force (boy). Its set in a pre-prepared room where he saw two girls sitting on the edges of makeshift benches,collected from chairs or stools, completely covered with a blanket. The leader tells the boy that he must choose from two girls one that he likes the most, and sit on the bench so as to show that his fiancee he likes, but like a true gentleman, not to offend with the second girl. The leader saysthat we should use the language of gestures, remember etiquette, etc. nonsense. In thinking how to do this guy is given 20 seconds. 90% to 100%, that guy sits between girls. Joke is that the girls sitting on chairs, and between them a chair there. Tightly spanned blanket creates the illusion of the presence of stool in the middle.As a result, the victim falls to the floor tasty. If you really do not like this person, then advance under a blanket between the chairs you can put a bowl of water.

Funny Contest

Participants sit in a few lines on a chair. Each line gets a role: grandfather, grandmother, wolf, etc., plus each participant - "loaf." Leader tells a story, and participantsheard their role must run around the chair around. All runs around hearing "loaf." Tell necessary improvisation, often repeating roles, such as "baked woman, although she is the grandmother, not a dragonfly, and a young woman, Kolobok, Kolobok ...". The game ends when all tired to run.

Beauty birthday for all

Paste one large and several small cap - preferably colored. Small caps hung on a strong thread. Players take turns wearing a large hood and blindfold. It should be three times return on its axis, sit down and vyprostavshys, get great in small cap.

Competition for young

All participants are divided into two teams.The first team up with kind of intricate word and then says its one of the players of the opposing team. Task yzbrannoho - not giving any sound, only gestures, facial expressions and movements plastic portray you think about the word, so that his team could guess what was intended. After successfully guessing teams switch roles.After some practice this game can be complicated and make an order of magnitude more interesting zahaduyuchy not words and phrases.

The next competition for the birthday party for drunken company!

First you need to eat and drink, otherwise the game will not work:-) Then some one who have a lot of imagination, located somewhere on the couchcontinues to drink and eat, he calls himself a monthly basis. All others stand for 4 limbs and so move around the room, uttering phrases like "I - Lynohod-1, I - Lynohod 1" - "I am Lynohod-2, followed by a lunar base for refueling," "I - Lynohod- 3, cause the connection Lynohod-4 ", etc., each carrying his nonsense. Most importantly -not to laugh. Those who laughed to say: "I Lunokhod-so, follow the lunar base for the job" - and crawl to the couch. And those who on the base, giving him the task of agreeing with his ideas about standards of conduct in a particular decent society, preferably in compliance with "space" style. For example,"Delivered on a monthly basis is 0.5 liters of fuel", "remove from its shell 3 shell parts", "pour 200 ml of fuel", "make connections with the Lunokhod - N», «conduct of the Lunokhod - N removal in joint maneuvers with the Lunokhod plating - M »,« to investigate the design features of the Lunokhod - N »and so on. claim. Become a spaceman!

Game BirthdayModerator asks all the guests sitting at the table, noted that they like and not like a neighbor to the right. For example: "In its neighbor to the right ear I like and do not like his shoulder." After all it is called, the host asks all kiss that they love to bite and that they do not like. Minute rough laughter is provided to you.Beauty Birthday

Gather all the scarves, which are, as long as enough for all participants. Divided into two teams, are on file one by one in each hand handkerchief. Better line up MZHMZH. When prompted, the second player from behind tying a handkerchief first, as it will have (strictly forbidden to correct or help each other)second then third and so on. etc. .. The last player tying the penultimate and triumphantly exclaims "ready!". The whole team turns its face to the game. After a lengthy jury evaluates the fun you want: speed, quality, someone funnier it is that theme of the event. The main thing - funny and fun, it is time to take a picture!

Competition for allTo cake rarely live sober. Therefore, in order to get a piece from a distance of 3 meters should get in three-liter jar of small items. Ideal small dry bumps. Each is given three attempts.

"Erotic" competition for the birthday number 1

Caused by several couples. In each pair of man and woman.Let every man on a roll of toilet paper. The task of every man: as soon as possible to wrap his lady from head to toe in toilet paper. Announcing the winner, let the rest completely wrap their ladies, and then announce that he will win now, who quickly unwind their lady.

"Erotic" competition number 2

Selected two teamswhich stand in two lines (each alternation: man, woman) facing each other. Conditions: must play to keep the ball under the chin, while transmitting to touch the ball with his hands in any case can not be allowed to relate with each other arbitrarily, so as not to drop the ball.


"Erotic" competition for the birthday number 3The game involves two people: a husband and wife. In the middle of the room or area is placed chair, to a straight chair placed eight pins or empty bottles. A man blindfold and explain the task: "Take not shooting down any pins (bottle), and kiss his wife." The wife sits on a chair. At the moment,when a man will approach the wife, quiet and not much to replace it with another woman, placing it on the seat of his wife's website. Everything in the game is that playing the game, that a man should kiss another woman, not noticing the substitution. The game will be more interesting if it is to provide competitive nature when competing multiple men.In this case: the wife should quietly and not significantly change between the places.

"Erotic" competition for the birthday number 4

Involves two teams: an even number. The team is built in a column: male - female - male - female - male, etc. Each player is awarded the match. Objective: team leader players are match lipsand the first participants in a team on his back hanging ring. After the tone ring is required to transfer from one website to another, back and forth without using their hands to match to match.

Fun game

Participates several couples (man-woman) simultaneously or alternately, depending on the number of open bottles. My husband seems to bottle lady - container (glass,glass, etc.). These items players clamped between his legs, and people trying to pour the lady a drink, and she helps him. Everything is hands-free. One "but": it is better not to use for this game red wine, as sometimes the contents of the bottle still gets to wear playing

Choose for yourself any contests birthday!

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