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Scenario 50 anniversary

Scenario anniversary '50 should be fun and memorable. In everyone's life there comes a day when he woke up in the morning understands that today another birthday he rozminyaye fifty years. And sadly, mourn about. You must be glad and ready to accept congratulations. It would be niceif this auspicious day come to you friends, employees, and relatives. But to this holiday was the most fun and unykalneyshym life hero of the day, the husband or relatives need to dream and invent hilarious script anniversary 50.

We must start with how pokrasyvey arrange the room, which will be celebrating the anniversary of this grand. It should be decorated with all sorts of colorful balloons, garlands, lights, flowers, flags, photographs, posters. Then you need to decide on driving at. You can invite toastmaster,and can be selected as the lead hero of the day someone from the friends who has some artistic qualities.

So get down to the script anniversary 50 years. Once all the guests take their seats at the table, the host announces what reason all together. The evening declared open. The leader provides to parents an anniversary. After greeting the parentspresenter offers a total mind dance group, who came from distant States to welcome hero of the day and show dance "Kan-kan." This dance involves several men (friends hero of the day), dressed in costumes of the dancers cancan. If the suit could not be found, they can be put on some improvised things.Still get ridiculous! After the dance team members are able to greet the hero of the day orally. Guests are given the opportunity to continue the feast.


After a while the presenter appears and announces holiday auction. At the auction exhibited different things that belong ANNIVERSARY. If parents kept an anniversary vests, bonnet, which bore the hero of the day, another children's clothing - also nice. You can also turn to this school praiseworthy deeds, medals (eg "Knight 3-A") and other commemorative trinkets.The essence of the auction that the currency is a pleasant word or wishes ANNIVERSARY. Who will be the most purchased items, that issue was clearly "the most eloquent" or something like that. At the end of the auction presenter invites all to continue feast.

Suddenly you hear gypsy music in the room breeze Gypsies.This is also one of the guests or relatives, dressed in costumes of Gypsies. They sing a gypsy song, accompanying her dance. Then come to the hero of the day and offer him fortunes. Guessing promised him all kinds of pleasure - health, wealth, a trip to the Canary Islands, a bunch of grandchildren, jeep and of his most cherished dreams. Gypsies invited to the table.Then the presenter gives the word spouse hero of the day. Loading feast.

Visiting neighbors also want to congratulate the hero of the day. They wrote a humorous song about the hero for the day and carry it to the accompaniment of a piano.

The next competition may be you want to do a quiz. The questions will relate to the very hero of the day,the highlights of his life, his life, appearance and vivid habits. In this competition should not engage children and wives, as they know better than anyone your father and husband (wife). Give friends and employees to compete. Active and responsible awarded patent right "himself has been informed."Presenter offers children say wishes. Children recite the toast, give gifts. Then declared evening dances and dances. Guests have the opportunity to continue feast and toasts and congratulations to speak in the order they want. Since in our country are not taken to expel guests from the table, the evening continues untiluntil they disperse all guests. Enjoy your holiday!

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