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Funny scripts

Funny scripts are different. The most common and most favorite holiday of all generations has been and will be April 1. It is a day that brings joy, fun, laughter, jokes and jokes. Whatever was grim and serious man who would not attend his troubles and problems on this day he was reluctant smile.The main feature of our mentality is a celebration of any event, would be a reason. This sin is not to celebrate the holiday. Therefore, it is celebrated all - at home, at work, at university, at school, in short everything! There are plenty of jokes, funny scenes, anecdotal situations to help bring in the holiday a lot of pleasant emotions.As ridiculous scenario offer a ridiculous scenario celebration April 1 at school.

Scenario Halloween

Scenario Halloween popular in our country. Today Halloween celebration in our country is very important. This holiday is characterized primarily using unusual costumes. In celebration can participate not only children and adolescents, and adults. Our script offers Halloween adults participated in the festival. A place for celebration - cafeor it could be a restaurant. It all depends on your choice and investment. It will certainly decorate tables pumpkins for Halloween is a symbol of the holiday. It is a symbol of what the harvest is over, the symbol of evil spirit and fire symbol that wards off the evil spirit.

Contests birthday

Contests birthday should be chosen depending on the lifestyle and outlook invited.

Before you sit down at the table, each invited paper cuts that he would like to donate or wish hero for the day. For example, the car keys to a new apartment, baby, banknotes, new dress.All the "gifts" are attached using thread to rope or twine that stretched about chest level.

Scenario Jubilee school

Scenario anniversary schools should be perfectly sensible. In each school the date when it was first adopted at its threshold pupils. This date is the birthday for the school as well as the date of birth of each of us. In each school its mark in different ways, and can not be marked. But always celebrate the anniversary of the school. This is usually 10, 20,30 years and more. During this time the school has usually consists of a story, there are many events that do not go unnoticed inhabitants. To make this celebration a success, the school management should consider how best to build a script anniversary of the school.

Scenario Day School

Scenario school day begin with, that describe the design of the hall. Since the holiday is joyful, it involves not only all classes from the smallest to the final, but teaching staff of the school, including head teachers and director. The assembly hall of the school,which held the official part of the celebration of the school and concert program should be decorated with lots of colorful balls, garlands, confetti. Do not forget also about flowers. Now almost all floristskie salons offer a variety of floral arrangements for all kinds of celebrations. Also in the room should be presented figurewhich represents the period of the school. It can be made of paper, foil and again with flowers. In our opinion if you order in the florists composition in the form of numbers, it will create a lasting impression on guests.

Scenario Mother's Day

Undoubtedly, for everyone be it a child or adult is quite, no man dearer and nearer than her mother. My mother - a caring mom - it please my mother - a love and kindness. This is the most holy and pure celebration that embodies the tenderness of the relationship between mothers and children. If you ask a question and when our country began to celebrate Mother's Day,it appears that recently, although the origins of this festival taking place since ancient Rome. Mother's Day is celebrated in almost every country, but there is some difference in time. But regardless of race and nationality, in this bright day, I want to say very nice and gentle person and most expensive words may give smallbut a pleasant surprise.

Scenario Freshman

Scenario freshman you have to make without outside help. After school, all graduates aspiring to school to get a ticket in the future an adult life. Some deliberately chosen university, their friends may already enrolled there, and they do not know firsthand about this school.Some choose this institution simply because it is prestigious. But first acquaintance not only with the university and chosen profession, but also with fellow students, classmates, and teachers will be held on the first event, a concert dedicated to freshmen.

Scenario 50 anniversary

Scenario anniversary '50 should be fun and memorable. In everyone's life there comes a day when he woke up in the morning understands that today another birthday he rozminyaye fifty years. And sadly, mourn about. You must be glad and ready to accept congratulations. It would be niceif this auspicious day come to you friends, employees, and relatives. But to this holiday was the most fun and unykalneyshym life hero of the day, the husband or relatives need to dream and invent hilarious script anniversary 50.

The script of the new year

New Year - a celebration of all ages and nations! All children, and not only children but also adults, waiting for the new year some wonders and adventures, surprises and gifts. New Year taken to celebrate not only at home but also at work in kindergartens, schools, palaces of culture.And in our country decided to arrange a holiday tree for the children of employees in the workplace. Offers you some tips for celebrating the new year.

Scenario Teachers' Day

Scenario Teachers' Day will be the actual fall. Every student of the great and small (and not only students but also students of kindergartens and students) know and remember about this holiday as Teachers' Day. Scenario Teacher's Day usually involves not only students of all ages, but also the teaching staff of the school.In celebration can be employed as a teacher in junior and senior classes, and even the head teacher and school principal.

Start your day scenario leading teacher of choice. This can be one person or a couple. Choose leading or can the students as well as faculty members.