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How to care for turtles at home

If you dream to have a turtle, you probably want to know how to care for turtles at home. Turtle is the oldest reptile on earth they appeared long before the dinosaurs and have longevity. Some members live to a hundred or even more years. Have an interesting body structure, in the form of armor.The name of these animals received because of it, as it looks like a skull man. Hence the "turtle". Many people find it very interesting to observe the turtle at home. But before you bring the turtle home, you need to learn a little about its contents, nutrition and care.

The child asked the tortoise. How can I refuse? Especially since it seems unpretentious, makes no worries pet. First you need to know about the turtle more, namely, how to care for turtles at home. It is only at first glance it seems that it's pretty slow animal with a very interesting house on the back.This is actually very clever and very smart animals. Turtle is able to adapt to almost any environmental conditions, may be because her house is always with her. Amazing animal in every way! A wonderful, as you know always interested mankind. That turtles in some countries the main character of myths and legends. In India - the image of the turtle,which in its shell holding the earth. Archaeological excavations confirm old people's interest in turtles. Their archaic images carved on ancient slabs found in India. This image more than nine thousand years. What turtles are pets were confirmed in Ancient Greece.Scientists have always studied this animal. And the results were impressive. Tortoise can live without food for several years, survive in pure nitrogen by switching to anaerobic, vol. Bezkyslorodnoe is breathing. Perhaps this animal an alien? Anything can happen.

Of course, the child is very useful to have a pet, because he has from a young age to be responsible.And there is nothing better for this than for someone to care. Therefore, it is essential to know how to care for turtles at home. In the process of care, as well developing such feelings as love of neighbor, caring, compassion, and therefore, the child will grow caring and kind.So say child psychologists and highly recommend to go to a pet animal with your child.

Your choice fell on the turtle, but their store is very much kinds. How to choose? Of the many crawling reptiles you and your child like one. Do you think the most attractive representative. It was a land turtle. Take palm. Her legs should persist between your thumb and index finger, not hanging and standing horizontally. Turtle just reflexively hide in armor, fearing danger. But getting used to again delight you with its presence. Inspect it carefully. Eyes in turtles should not be cloudy and slozlyvymy, and of course wide open. WeightYour beloved has felt good. If it is too light, it is a sign of ill health, which means that there is a risk that it can quickly die. For a child it will be a great experience. Good idea to examine the mouth. In healthy individuals it is light pink. Listen to her breathing. It should be free of extraneous noise. Just like human bones,tortoise shell should be firm. Potorkayte it. It should not promynatysya and be damaged. If the turtle is healthy in appearance, it can safely buy.

But where live turtle? What eats? Talk about it below. For turtles can buy specialized terrarium cubic form. If not possible,suitable for this purpose plywood box. The bottom of the housing must refine turtles that she was there warm and cozy. For this suit dry grass or sawdust. It is also necessary to create a substrate that turtle could escape. Use sand, but not small, but rather with large particles mixed with peat. Or small pebbles.Just need to check for the presence of sharp corners. You can not keep a turtle without soil! This will lead to disease pet. The size of the housing arbitrary, but the average and the most common Terrariums, 100x60x60 cm. Turtles afraid of drafts and cold. Do not expose your friend's house and put in a warm place. In the terrarium should be "kitchen"water containers and food. Light the UV lamp housing by placing a height of 30 cm. Turtle house requires care, and daily. Includes replacement of the soil and of course washing.


Housing sorted out. Now for the food, as an important aspect of caring for a turtle at home. It is usually possible to roam. Turtles are not demanding food. But due to the fact that they do not have teeth, but horny plate and using a powerful language they are taking their meal with food should grind. Otherwise,Turtle can not get enough. Turtles different from other reptiles that do not require live food: mice, rabbits, insects. However, food should be varied. Turtle can feed: legumes, fruits (only seedless), vegetables. On May fit lettuce, dandelion, clover. And as the turtle will not give from the heart,chopped liver, sardines. Offers a variety of wild flowers and herbs, such as thistle. And as a specialty - banana. You can not feed the turtle: food for cats or dogs, rotten vegetables and fruits and food with mold. Feed on a daily basis. In the pet store to buy vitamins needed for turtles and added to food for instructionsincreasing with increasing dosage turtles. And they grow very fast! During the five years of its size can grow to 30 cm.

If your pet turtle and you want to understand how to care for turtles at home, then you should know that they are in winter hibernation. It is autumn,when the temperature falls, the turtle stops eating. Do not worry! This is normal. Hence, it is preparing for hibernation. Be prepared for this and you. In the house turtles zastelyte bottom with a thick layer of moistened soil and pour the same ward hay or dry leaves. But before that turtle must empty the bowel.To do this, dip it in warm water for about half an hour. Obitrit and place it into. Need to find a place where it will stay until spring. This should be a room with temperatures at least 6C +. Do not harass a turtle, tortoise as scheduled wake up alone. When this happens (and it can be even in winter, which is normal)skupayte it. During the procedure, a good sign is if the turtle starts to drink water.

Water for bathing turtles should be free of chlorine settled. As pollution turtle bathed once a week, using baby soap. Do not use shower gels that bathe yourself! For this basin should be used only turtle.And as all things that you wash your tortoise. Pouring water, do not forget that your pet can drown, as is the land animals. So pour the appropriate amount of water. Turtle should stand on legs while swimming. From beauty care products, olive oil fit. Lubricate them and shell top and on the abdomen.Be very careful when walking around the house. Only under your supervision as turtle can get into places from which you can not extract it. Or just do not find. Then the animal will die. In summer, if possible, create a unit for outdoor exercise, and most importantly useful for ultraviolet rays.Sow flowers such as clover in this unit.

What else should I know to properly care for turtles at home!

Turtles and well see even distinguish colors. Bright flowers attract her attention. As for the hearing, the turtles perceive the sounds of low frequency. They are not deaf, which is a common mistake.Very well developed sense of smell. And as they are well oriented in space, distinguish the compass (north, south).

Turtles shed, but do not shed your skin and dead skin flakes and change only the skin.

We must comply with and be responsible for those tame. The turtle can be your friend for many years,because with proper care and proper attention will live with you in old age. Trail not hard rules on care and maintenance, balanced feed and pet will grow healthy and beautiful.


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