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Diet during pregnancy

Dieting during pregnancy is designed to maximize the health of the unborn child and its mother. If you are pregnant and have been a fan of healthy eating, the diet during pregnancy - your diet in an interesting position, because you just need to make small adjustments to your diet.If you conceive a child to wonder about the balance of your food, then it's time to change your perspective on things and start to live a healthy lifestyle that will help make diet during pregnancy.

Perhaps start a little distance. Preparing for pregnancy should begin at least several months to the process of conception, which takes into account diet during pregnancy. This applies to all aspects of the lives of parents, including nutrition and expectant mother. One important element of power is folic acid,which is rich diet in pregnancy. Deficiency of acid can result in birth defects of the brain and spine. To prevent the lack of folic acid, the expectant mother must start taking one month before conception and continue it for the first three months of pregnancy, which requires diet during pregnancy.

In addition to folic acidyou recommended diet during pregnancy many vitamins and minerals, especially iron and calcium. In acute shortage of calcium in the mother's teeth begin to crumble because of the formation of the skeleton of a baby it will take the body of my mother very large amount of this mineral, which also takes into account diet during pregnancy.In addition, during pregnancy, doctors recommend drinking a lot. Drink everything except carbonated beverages, mainly natural juice, kvass and normal water. Naturally, the water you should not cause too much swelling in the body, preventing diet during pregnancy.

Diet during pregnancy involves consumption of more than usual amount of high-calorie foods.Pregnant will require you to enter the body products that contain 300 calories more than usual. If you are expecting twins or triplets, then you need to eat more, as advised diet during pregnancy. The diet of a pregnant woman must have a high content of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. From the perspective of modern medicine,Mom just average for the 9 months of pregnancy should gain 12-16 kg, and with a lean - 13-19 kg. Even those who consider themselves Fatties should recover at least 7 kg more gain will not diet during pregnancy.

The diet of pregnant women in the diversity should not contain some foods and dishes. These include: alcohol,cigarettes, caffeine in large doses prohibiting diet during pregnancy. Let's drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day, but no more. You should not drink unpasteurized milk and soft cheeses to use them. It is desirable to completely abandon the smoked sausages, meats and seafood, which rejects diet during pregnancy.If you absolutely can not do without smoked, then eat them in very limited quantities, preferably preheated (to prevent ingestion of most harmful bacteria).


Diet during pregnancy preclude reception of all products containing mercury in dangerous quantities. These products include some species of marine fish. King mackerel, barracuda, swordfish, shark fillets, canned tuna - here is a list of those harmless at first glance, sea creatures,the use of which pregnant women diet in pregnancy advised to abstain. However, filet of tuna sold in our stores, can be used in small quantities.

Women who are used to exercising, do not interrupt an active lifestyle and pregnancy. Just do not confuse class professional sports and recreational gymnastics.The fact that professional sport with its supernahruzku strictly forbidden woman. Exercise should be strictly dosed so as not to harm the unborn child, which takes into account diet during pregnancy. The best about this consult a doctor or a professional trainer (such as fitness).There are special set of exercises designed for different stages of pregnancy.

It is strictly forbidden to engage in contact sports such as football, hockey, basketball, etc. Also prohibited species, which require sharp movement or is likely getting sports equipment in the abdomen. It could be tennis, badminton, volleyball etc.It is also desirable to exclude diving, especially on deep dives, so that the fetus can develop elementary dekampressionnaya disease.

Beneficial effects on the fetus small daily physical activity for 30 minutes, allowing diet during pregnancy. It can be easy fitness walking or swimming. These classes,as proper diet during pregnancy will help your muscles to be toned, make sleep healthy and strong, relieve swelling feet, lift your spirits. Also, exercise can help control this terrible disease like diabetes, which prevents diet during pregnancy.

Young mom need a little more than sit or lie down,but this is not worth doing in the same position, especially lying on his back. Most change position, in the later stages of pregnancy choose exactly the position where the child is behaving more calmly, guaranteeing and diet during pregnancy.

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